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What is a Customer Persona? - Why You Need to Know Yours

  A Customer Persona (or Buyer Persona) is an ideal customer's fictitious mock-up or template.This usually includes demographics (age, gender...

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How to Grow Your Business with an Email Marketing Strategy

  Email marketing works. Even in the face of continued new ways to market your business online, it remains one of the most effective and easiest...

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Inbound Marketing Pricing - How Much Does it Cost?

  You know that inbound marketing is needed to move your business forward, which is why you decided to check into a few companies.

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Inbound Marketing Tips That Power Sales Growth

    Inbound marketing is the real deal when it comes to reaching out to your target audience at the right time and in the right place.   If you...

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Long Tail Keywords - The Best Way to Find New Customers

    Long tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that are more likely to be used by visitors when they are closer to a purchase...

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Email Best Practices for Success

  Did you know that email marketing is a top strategy for staying connected with your prospects and customers? Whether you’re in the technology or...

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Keyword Tools - Top 13 Best You Should Check Out

    To help you identify the right keywords and complete your keyword research projects, there are several useful tools available.

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Sales Tech -Sales Technology that Powers Revenue

  "Sales stack" is a term that allows technology and software tools help salespeople to do their jobs and connect with prospects effectively and...

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7 Email Marketing Strategies to Be Left Behind in 2019

  Often quitting is for winners when it comes to email marketing success.  I'm prepared to bet that there are a number of poor email marketing...

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How HubSpot Marketing Automation Creates Better Customer Experiences

  Marketing automation is the future. There is no doubt about it.  Today, brands collect more data than ever. Collecting customer data allows them...

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