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We Generate Inbound Qualified Leads To Fuel Hungry Sales Teams.

We are a lead generation company that designs strategies that work.

They are all simple and cost-effective to implement once you know what to do and how to do it.  By bridging the gaps in your knowledge we can show you how to get the most out of any of theselead-to-customer-funnel-hubspot approaches, no matter how large or small your business.

B2B lead generation is something we must do well in order to grow our business and approaching it systematically increases your success.

Hiring a lead generation company that is effective most often pays for itself multiple times over because the cost is less than a typical employee and because they are experts and know how to develop leads more effectively and efficiently.

RiseFuel helps B2B companies grow revenue through targeted marketing strategies and precise execution that is laser-focused on your ideal customer.

We expertly map your ideal customer's digital path to purchase and build a highly effective, efficient, lead-conversion machine.  RiseFuel combines marketing strategy with intelligent and relevant content delivered across every channel to feed the conversion machine and power your growth. 


Big Agency Talent. Boutique Agency Efficiency. 


We help everyone share an agreement on what a lead actually is.

Sales and marketing need to talk the same language. 


Sales need to be clear on what they are prepared to accept and marketing needs to carefully set expectations around what stage a prospective customer is at – and what still needs to be done to progress and close.

The most successful lead generation companies are working with both sales and marketing departments to identify and clearly design what exactly a marketing qualified lead (MGL)  and what a sales qualified lead is (SQL)

Once meaning has been established and every team member is on board, our lead generation work begins. 




We help you avoid the leaky bucket effect.


leaky bucket-2

Many B2B marketers spend a lot of time, metaphorically, pouring water into leaky buckets.

Rather than fixing the bucket (the marketing funnel), they pour more water (traffic) into the bucket to try and keep it full.  This is a sure recipe for inflated acquisition costs and below-average results.

The biggest culprit here is your landing pages and, in particular, your forms. Forms separate your leads from non-leads and have a huge impact on your conversion rates and overall lead generation results.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend optimizing your forms – or using a tool like HubSpot to ensure that you’re not leaving leads behind from your marketing campaigns.

As a lead generation company, we have benefited greatly from all of the tools inside of the HubSpot Growth Stack and we use it daily because it makes things flow efficiently.

We remove website bottlenecks

Why spend more on paid search or traffic generation if your website isn’t performing?

We optimize your website, turning it into a demand-gen machine that converts in the best possible way: the right balance of content and data capture, making the process simple for prospects and powerful for you.

We make sure you’re using every trick in the book.

We stop prospects leaking out of the funnel

A typical web page can only do so much – and many potential leads disappear from your site without trace unless engaged at the right time.

Live chat teams can monitor digital body language and identify and engage prospects before they go because they know they are more likely to respond.

This is why, in our experience as a lead generation company,  it is 5X more effective than outbound calling activity.

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Identify and call the right accounts

Often times companies just don’t know which verticals or accounts they should be calling into.

There’s a slew of predictive tools on the market which promise to help identify those with high propensity to buy.

Some are better than others – but none will work without a solid methodology to approach and convert.

Implement solid SEO and content marketing

When potential customers are looking for service providers or products, they usually pull up Google.

When they search, will they find your company or your competitors’?

SEO is a good strategy to attract sales-ready prospects because you can target search terms that people typically type in when they’re ready to buy.

You can also use SEO to attract prospects who are not as far along in the buying journey — they’ll find your content, and you can then capture their email addresses and nurture them toward becoming customers.

Increase your circle of influence

A highly effective step-by-step strategy that deals with the single most common and frustrating problem for anyone in business: the problem of gaining access to the correct audience.

No other skill is as directly connected to your ability to achieve success as the skill of getting in to see the right people.  

Utilize, build, and maintain your relationships within your network.

They are a significant asset in helping you reach people.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are the most effective platforms to connect on.


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Turn on instant lead flow with online advertising.

If you need leads immediately, you won’t want to wait for your inbound marketing system and search engine optimization to ramp up.

Pay-Per-Click advertising, like AdWords and social media ads, can fill the gap.

ppc process

PPC is attractive because you’re only paying for clicks to your website or landing page — the traffic that isn’t interested rolls on by without costing you.

Part of our service offerings is pay-per-click management and helping to make sure you yield the absolute best return on your paid advertising investment.


When hiring a lead generation company like RiseFuel, you invest in experience and know-how.


Create an effective referral system

One third-party endorsement is more powerful than a hundred presentations.

Getting your customers to recommend and encourage other folks they associate with to seek out your products or services is the most coveted prize in selling, besides a sale.  

There are hundreds of referral systems you can use:

Business man pointing to transparent board with text Client Testimonials
  • to create an unlimited supply of hot prospects
  • to get prospects returning your calls
  • to contact hard-to-reach buyers
  • to create a reputation that opens closed doors
  • to enhance customer loyalty
  • to increase sales and multiply profits

Referral systems make your life easier and more professional and bring higher profits with increased customer loyalty.


Become a recognized thought leader or authority

thought leader

You can take several easy steps to establish yourself as a recognized authority in your industry rapidly. These include writing articles, books and our favorite, a good and steady blog.

While these can keep you busy and in demand virtually all the time, they will give you a tremendous edge over your competitors who struggle to get by.

You can also create newsletters and information products and speak and deliver seminars.  

Customers will normally flock to you, while your competitors wonder why and have to settle for picking up the leftovers.


Could you benefit from a lead generation company?

We build vetting and nurturing systems to ensure that our clients can skillfully increase their marketing and sales efforts.

These are the metrics that we focus on:Tablet pc with text Get More Leads with blue background

  • Leads generated per month
  • Sales qualified leads per month
  • Sales opportunities from leads
  • Conversion rates from marketing

Lead nurturing is one of the greatest benefits of working with leading generation company for two sales-related reasons: sales will begin to trust the leads and can focus on closing deals.


Quality over Quantity

The idea that more leads are tantamount to more closed deals is obsolete.

The sales teams need fewer leads, not more.

We only turn over leads that are 100 percent qualified by coordinating with your sales and marketing departments on what the definition of a qualified lead should be for you.

lead-gen-agencyIt ensures that all leads that have been handed over to the sales teams have gone through our processes, lead scoring, qualification and lead nurturing.

Lead generation companies that don't follow this model won't be quite as successful as those that do.

If you or your sales team have a great closing rate and you need more appointments with high-quality qualified prospects, our lead generation services will supply the leads you’re looking for. 

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