Technology has developed quite a bit over the years. People consistently do many things online, for business, charity, fun, etc. Websites have become the online face in all sectors, so people can learn anytime, anywhere. A website allows the owner to make a great first impression to attract the audience or visitors. Once the viewers are engaged, they want to dive more into the website.

An eye-catching website will get more viewers’ attention than a boring one. But, of course, the website’s appearance depends on the target audience. That is why; it is crucial to be attentive to the design and style of the website. People can choose some website design programs according to their preferences. This can be a way to get the audience's attention and increase web traffic.

Another way to increase web traffic is by generating leads for potential visitors. Websites and lead generation are inseparable. Lead generation enables the website to create a campaign and generate more traffic, which is essential to the website's success.

One powerful way to consider lead generation is by allowing the audience to download helpful material from the websites. A website developer can make an accessible document in PowerPoint and then convert PPT into PDF using a PowerPoint to PDF converter, then upload it to the website and allow the audience to download it for free.

How does it work? Let's see why distributing PDF files can be a powerful lead generation strategy.

1. The website will collect the audience's email addresses easily.

Before downloading the material, visitors must input their email addresses into the websites. Why is it mandatory? It is simply because this is an effective way to ask for the audience's email addresses with lesser effort. As it is known, sometimes it is challenging to ask for the audience's email addresses. Some believe that an email address is a piece of private information and should not be shared. Others may refuse to give that piece of information because they don't want to be bothered. At the same time, the rest are unwilling to share their email addresses for no reason.

2. The website will make a database of the audience's email addresses.

Gaining a list of email addresses is never easy. However, by asking the visitors to fill in their email addresses in the provided place, the website will be able to collect the data quickly and transfer it to a database of the audience's details. Imagine, if the material is downloaded by dozens of visitors per day, how many email addresses will a website get per week, per month, per year? That will be a significant number!

3. The website will generate a list of potential audiences interested in the content.

As the audience downloads the material from the website, it can be assumed that the audience is interested in its content. One thing that should be considered is that the available material to download must be short, simple, and easy to understand. So again, it is best to provide it in a PPT format converted into PDF using a PPT to PDF converter. Adobe is a tool that can do PPT to PDF conversion effortlessly.

4. The website will gain an opportunity to promote the company’s program.

This database of the audience's email addresses allows the website to share the website programs in the future. This can be promoting products, services, or events that need the audience's participation.

5. The website will be able to send periodic emails to the potential audience.

Every web developer knows how important email marketing is to gain website traffic. A web developer can easily send emails to the audience by having a list of the audience's email addresses and giving information related to the website.

6. The website will gain more audience engagement.

Having a solid engagement with the audience is essential for a website. It will help in marketing and getting a loyal audience who will stay with the website for a long time. As a consequence, they will keep visiting the website, resulting in a traffic increase.

7. The website will gain more sales conversion.

An engagement with the audience enables the website to promote directly to the audience, letting them know about the product and making them interested in it. Strong engagement with the potential audience will gain visitors, increase traffic, and give the website more opportunities to sell its product. Don't forget that this is a very cheap marketing technique that doesn't require too much cost as it may happen to conventional promotions with expensive banners, etc.

8. The website will grow faster.

As the website build relationship with the audience, there will be a lot more possibility for the website to be famous. The audience who likes the website may tell and promote its brand, products, services, and anything related to the website to their friends, relatives, and acquaintances, making the website popular.

Once again, as mentioned before, the provided file to download is best to be served in PPT format converted into PDF. Therefore, a web developer should know how to convert a PPT to PDF because distributing PDF files to the audience will be a creative and effective way to generate leads and increase the website's traffic. One trusted tool a web developer can use is Adobe. Now, learn the steps!

The simple steps of how to convert a PPT to PDF

  1. Find a site with a PowerPoint to PDF converter
  2. Click "Select a file."
  3. Upload the document that will be converted and wait until the process is done.
  4. The PDF is ready to download.

Once the PDF is ready, the web developer can compress the file if necessary and upload it to the website so the audience can download it. Don't forget to set the requirement that the audience input the email addresses before downloading the material. 

Start working on the lead generation strategy, then enjoy the results.

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