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A cold calling script is an absolute necessity for sales teams. While many teams view their script as an outline as much as a set script that they must stick to, it does provide a basic structure for salespeople to study and use as a crutch when they first join your team.

The more cold calls that you dial, the less that you will have to rely on a script over time. Still, there are situations where it is necessary that every sales team have a basic script for their salespeople to follow.

It is important to understand that your script and what you say on the call is only one piece of the puzzle. Understanding when the best time to call is just as important in the long term. 


Outbound sales call script examples


In this article, I’ll share five basic outbound sales call script examples that you can use to provide guidance to your sales team and help new salespeople become acquainted with selling your product.

The examples in this article will touch on a few different popular approaches that you can use when designing your sales script.

How detailed your cold call sales script really depends on a number of factors and how you plan to integrate it into your sales processes.

Some sales scripts will include multiple paths that your sales reps can follow based on the prospect’s answers.

Others take a more hands-off approach and are used mostly as an outline. In this article, the scripts that we share will fall mostly into the latter category.

These sales call scripts are designed to help your new salespeople learn how to open a conversation.


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Cold Call Sales Script #1: Tease Solutions, Schedule Demo

This is a standard sales script that helps companies to intro their solution to their prospects and schedule a demo appointment.

This script uses a standard approach that many sales teams use to schedule demos and begin forming a relationship with prospects.

Hi ______, this is David from _____, how are you?
We’re working on some solutions that will help you to recruit and train new members of your marketing team. Is that something that you would like to learn more about?

(Prospect says yes).

There are two different ways that companies can work with us.

We can help you to find new marketing talent for a percentage of the base salary, or we can help you to train new members of your marketing team without online virtual digital marketing training programs.

These programs teach your new team members the ins and outs of digital marketing and allows your teams to define the channels they study.

Which one of these would you like to hear about?

(Prospect chooses the option they are interested in).

Great. I have a few questions that I will need to ask before we get started. Is that alright?

(Prospect says yes and you ask pre-defined qualifying questions so you know what aspects of your products and programs to present)

I’ll tell you a bit more and then we can schedule an appointment before we end the call today to go over our solution in more detail.

Does that sound good?

(From there, you tell tease your products and give them a general overview. You want to provide just enough to pique their interest and get them excited about the upcoming call).


Cold Call Sales Script #2: Quick Demo Schedule

This cold-call sales script has one simple and straightforward goal — to quickly schedule a demo with prospects in a professional manner.

This sales script shows prospects that you value their time by asking to reserve a spot on their schedule while giving a short teaser about your product.

Hi, _____. My name is Jacob with _______.
The reason that I am calling today is to get some time on your calendar.
I noticed that you were hiring 10 new salespeople this quarter. A number of your competitors are using _____ to help their sales development teams secure more conversations with ideal prospects and book more meetings.

They have been able to cut the on-boarding time of new reps in half using our solution.

I thought the best place to start might be to schedule a quick call to learn about your current sales challenges and goals that you have for your sales team.

Do you have time to talk on Thursday or Friday at 1 PM EST?


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Cold Call Sales Script #3: Impromptu Demo Opener

This outbound sales call script is great for getting a decision-maker on the phone and diving head-first into the sales call without having to schedule a time at a later date.

You start by ensuring them that you value their time and that they will be brief, let them know a result that you have been able to deliver to a competitor, then ask for their permission to continue on with the call to see if you could help them to do the same.

Hi ____, Jake here from Acme accounting. Did I catch you at an OK time?

(Prospect says yes)

Ok great. I’m sure you’re busy and I want to respect your time so I’ll be brief.
The reason for my call is that we just saved [Your Competitor] an additional $XX,XXX in shipping costs last quarter.

I thought it was important enough to let you know how we were able to do that and see if we were a good fit to help you do the same.

Depending on what you’re currently doing, I don’t know if you’ll have a need for our services.
But if you have some time, I’d like to talk for a few minutes to see if we could help. Do you have just a few minutes to talk right now if I stick to a brief timetable?


Cold Call Sales Script #4: Voicemail Script

When you place a lot of cold calls every day, you are likely to reach as many or more voicemails as you do real, live people over the course of a session.

When you do reach a voicemail, you want to have something prepared so that you can quickly move on to the next call while still giving yourself a chance to hear back from the prospect.

This script provides a simple outline that will help sales reps deal with leaving voicemails for prospects and give them a good chance to hear back from them.

Hi Bob, This is Ellie Johnson with _________.
The reason for my call today is that I have an idea on how I could help (Your Company) to improve the process of recruiting new employees for your IT department.

I wanted to see if it would make sense for us to have a quick conversation and find out more about your current IT hiring practices.
You can reach me at 888-888-8888.
Again, this is Ellie Johnson with _______, and you can reach me at 888-888-8888.
Thank you.

Scripts Vital for Sales Success

These outbound sales call script examples are meant to get your brain turning and provide a little direction on your next sales call.

All new salespeople will need a script or outline to help them execute in the early going of the sales cycle until they get a feel for your system and prospects.

These examples should provide a helpful baseline for the next call that you jump into!

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