Help Your Buyer And Stop Selling To Them -You CAN Shorten The Sales Cycle

All it takes is a different approach – one that forces you to put yourself directly in the shoes of your prospect.

Traditional Sales is Broken

Traditional sales is broken – the brick and mortar approach, of going door-to-door; cold calling; all of that is gradually fading away in a world where most don’t want to be bothered with things that don’t relate to them. You’ve probably heard that we see thousands of intrusive advertisements a day, and have learned to tune the majority of them out.

If your marketing system is delivering a sufficient number of leads but your sales process is taking too long to convert the leads to customers, sales enablement and inbound sales can help you close those sales faster.

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What is Sales Enablement?

Imagine if you knew when individual prospects downloaded specific pieces of your premium content — so you could follow up with a piece of related content you knew would be of interest.

  • Imagine if you knew when a prospect opened a salesperson’s email — so your salesperson could gauge urgency.

  • Imagine if your sales team had a supply of easily-accessible templates that were proven to work, with high response rates — so your people weren’t wasting time reinventing the wheel.

  • Imagine if you could make booking appointments convenient and simple for your prospects — so they’d be more likely to agree to an appointment.

  • Imagine if you could quickly see, at a glance, the entire conversation history between any member of your sales team and an individual prospect.
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Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools, like HubSpot Sales Pro, give you the ability to do all these things and more. 

Knowing the perfect moment to get in touch with a prospect and having proven templates and tools at your fingertips will turbocharge your sales team’s productivity.

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Qualify Leads

Modern salespeople are overwhelmed by information on people who are a poor fit for their business.

Sales enablement professionals implement lead scoring systems that assign positive or negative weight to contacts and companies based on data indicating how good a fit a given lead is.

Local businesses with limited geographic reach, for example, will negatively weight contacts that live in a different country. Similarly, a company that sells only to small businesses will assign positive weight to a company with 10-20 employees.

Businesses using a CRM can surface good fit companies and leads to reps the minute they convert on your website. Less qualified prospects are moved to a CRM queue that salespeople can work on their own time.

Sales Frustrations

Cold calling and email blasting purchased lists leads to spam reports, little success and overall frustration for all parties. Leads aren’t properly rated, and there’s little to no information about prospects in their database (if any). This is what perpetuates the common saying that “marketing isn’t giving me good leads.”

How to Fix it

Fixing the cycle of traditional sales is much easier than you may think – after all, it starts exactly with that:  how you think. Stop selling to people; it doesn’t work (especially with today’s abundantly available Internet marketing resources). 

Selling has a creepy connotation surrounded by an ultimately self-serving end goal, but inbound sales does not. Inbound sales means you put your buyer’s needs before your own.

Much like the inbound marketing methodology, inbound sales has a parallel methodology that solves all the pain points of the used car salesperson. 


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