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Lead tracking, or more appropriately, lead management is ecology. It is a hierarchical system of integrated steps, tasks, projects, and conversations that turns potential consumers into converted sales. While lead management is essential for any business to survive and thrive, their importance quadruples when we talk about startups.

A startup is fighting not only many other SMBs in its niche but is also battling with the much larger budgets and resources of big organizations. Effective lead management is the distinction that can be the key to a startup’s survival here. But you require a level of complexity and flexibility that suits a startup.

In this article, we are sharing five lead management apps that are scalable in terms of the complexity of operations that a growing business needs. Unlike Salesforce, which predominantly favors more established businesses due to its range of diverse sales-oriented features, the apps we are sharing here are more suitable for a startup culture where fewer people wear a lot of hats.

These apps offer centralized and simplified CRMs that are easy to learn, friendly to limited budgets, and designed to grow with businesses.

  1. Logo Design

online logo generator software

This is a branding tool that will help your startup create a great first impression on your clients. This is necessary because to track leads, you first need to generate some.

With the help of this online logo generator software, you can easily take care of the bulk of your branding. With a vector-based logo for your brand, you can manage your visual brand identity for your social media, physical signage, website, and other marketing avenues, too.

The process is simple. You start by choosing a template that aligns with your brand needs as well as the industry you belong to. This could be anything from hospitality to real estate. Choose an appealing template, with a professional design, and that sends the right brand message for your startup.

The tool is easy to use and offers a ton of customization options. The pricing plans – starting from $3.97 – are perfectly suitable for startups and SMB budgets.

  1. Adoric

multi-step sales funnels

If you are serious about creating personalized marketing campaigns, Adoric is a tool that you need in your arsenal. It is agile, feature-rich, and highly scalable.

It allows you to create customizable multi-step sales funnels that can be designed uniquely for each prospect. You can further optimize the sales experience by adding recommendations, gamification, and irresistible aesthetics. Targeted ads, strategic triggers, and professionally-designed marketing templates are some of its other attractive features. The tool also supports geolocation, pop-ups, A/B testing, and forms so you can not only manage but create leads that can be optimized into an improved sales conversion.

The pricing plans of Adoric are startup-friendly, and honestly, a steal at these rates. There is a basic plan that’s forever free but has limited (but still, important) features available. For the most value, though, we suggest going with a paid subscription, which starts at $29/month.

  1. Quick Base

powerful sales management CRM

This is one of those sales management tools that are equally adored by large and small businesses. The reason for this universal adoration is the high customizability it offers. If you are a startup, its lean and specific features help you stay focused on your goals. You can determine the kind of sales funnels you want to create, the number of steps you want to add, and the journeys you want to map out. Features such as extensive integration with other cloud-based services, centralized status updates, and empowered decision-making with real-time data availability make Quickbase a powerful sales management CRM.

The pricing plans of Quickbase are somewhat steep but that’s reflective of the value they bring to the table. Starting from $600/month (billed annually), they may not be for every startup but certainly, offer high-value results.

  1. Proof

human-centered marketing campaigns

Proof is all facts and no fluff. It gives you everything you are looking for in straightforward, direct terms. If you are looking for organic leads, Proof will help you create human-centered marketing campaigns that delight consumers and create conversions. If your goal is personalized content, you’ll get it here. Pop-ups? Sorted. Forms? Taken care of.

With creative features such as Live Visitor Count (to create urgency during a limited-inventory offer), Recent Activity (notifications about real people who have taken action on the site), and Hot Streaks (total number of people who have taken action on your site) you add credibility and trust to your customer- and sales-experience.

It is a goal-oriented lead tracking software that uses each step of the sales journey to create optimized experiences. The company claims to increase your conversions by 10-15% per page. With a free trial offer on the table, don’t miss out on trying it out.

Pricing-wise, Proof is a friendly tool for startups, marketers, and brand managers. Depending on the number of monthly traffic you get, the tool shares its pricing plans with you with a suite of features that are most suitable for your sales goals.

  1. Hey Oliver

create marketing campaigns

Automation of repetitive tasks is an important part of lead generation. You want your marketing gurus to remain focused on the creative aspects of a campaign, not hounded by the mundane tasks of sending repeated emails or typing generic customer service answers.

With Hey Oliver and its whole army of automation features, you can create marketing campaigns that are more fast-paced, goal-oriented, and efficient. With a lean and sparse dashboard, you are not distracted by unnecessary project updates. It keeps your eye on the prize. Lead nurturing allows you to answer your visitor’s more critical questions in real-time and creates more conversion opportunities. With anonymous visitor identification data, you can now leverage marketing data analytics and create more targeted campaigns, offer real-time recommendations, and alter the sales funnel to suit individual browsing behavior. Hey Oliver also offers productive third-party integrations, visitor segmentation, and time-triggered campaigns.

The basic suite of tools by the software is available at $49/month, whereas you can get the full stack of features with the Premium package, at $98/month.

So, which lead tracking tool should you go for?

Most lead tracking CRMs have a lot of overlap when it comes to features. But as a startup, the range of features should not be your deciding factor. Map out your goals, figure out the complexity level most suitable for your team, and then decide which of these tools has got what it takes to nurture your prospects into loyal and repeating customers.

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