What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the strategic use of technology, people, and processes to improve sales productivity and grow revenue.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is about providing salespeople with the right resources, processes, and technology tools  needed to sell efficiently and effectively while building revenue.

Sales enablement maximizes every point of engagement salespeople have with prospects and improves the experience they provide.   Sales enablement technology tools unlock insights into content engagement, sales funnel progress and how it affects sales performance. 

Salespeople have improved conversations and become trusted advisors which allow them to build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

Why Should We Embrace it?

There’s no going back to the ways of the past. Today’s buyers are more informed than ever. They’ve learned to tune out interruptive sales strategies and techniques that once worked like a charm.

But now, prospects aren’t looking to be sold to. They’re looking for someone to guide them to the right purchase decision.  Inbound sales are the guiding strategy that helps each prospect along their unique buyer’s journey, ultimately ending in an informed decision to become a customer.

Sales enablement can help your brand:

  • Improve sales team efficiency, response and close rates
  • Increase quality of prospecting, targeting and customer retention
  • Improve sales and marketing alignment and accountability
  • Improve sales performance measurability and forecasting
  • Drive customer retention to new sales from existing clients


what is sales enablement

What Sales Enablement Tools & Services Are Offered?

A formidable inbound sales team executes its strategy with efficiency and absolute effectiveness.

Our team of inbound experts offers the following sales enablement services:

  • CRM implementation and training
  • Sales funnel analysis, benchmarking and goal setting
  • Sales process redesign, implementation and training
  • Sales email template creation
  • Sales content creation
  • Account-based marketing program design, setup and training
  • Ongoing inbound sales coaching
  • Inbound sales operations support
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Sales Readiness Stop Wasting Leads & Drive Revenue!

What is sales enablement without assessing and certifying whether your salespeople are equipped with the proper skills, tools/resources and knowledge to have the conversations needed throughout a buyer’s journey? 

The metamorphosis of the new buyer behavior put an end to the effectiveness of traditional sales.  To survive, businesses everywhere must adopt the effective sales methodology of the modern age: inbound sales.

What is more frustrating, irritating or even angering than wasting a perfect opportunity for new business?

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Sales Enablement Solutions - Is Your Sales Team Using Modern Technology to Enable Them?

With an integrated approach to sales enablement, people, processes, and technology tools are strategically aligned to fuel sales success.

Marketing and sales are empowered with a platform to communicate, store, automate, and refine content to answer buyer questions and build confidence in your brand.

Business goals are maintained cross-departmentally to ensure accountability and ROI.

Included in our Sales Enablement Services:

  • Content Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Customer Engagement
  • Real-time alerts & Activity Tracking
  • Sales Performance Analytics. 
  • Modification Tracking
  • Technology Integration

RiseFuel helps sales and marketing teams maximize their time and investment. 

Usage Rates.  If there’s a single piece of evidence distinguishing legacy from modern sales enablement platforms, usage would be it.   It is the ultimate reflection of whether or not sales reps are creating value. 

Proven ROI.  No business has time for investments that don’t pay. 


With low usage rates, high price tags, and onerous demands for management and upkeep, legacy solutions were more anchors than enablers.

With clear investment benchmarks, quick time-to-value, and engaged users, modern sales enablement has claimed its place at the top of the sales tech stack.

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