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Topic: Dental Marketing

What is a Customer Persona? - Why You Need to Know Yours

  A Customer Persona (or Buyer Persona) is an ideal customer's fictitious mock-up or template.This usually includes demographics (age, gender...

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What to Look For As You Search for a Dental Website Designer

  As a dentist or dental practice manager, finding the right dental website designer is a very important step for improving the online presence of...

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Dental Marketing Company - Dental Marketing Strategy

  Where do people look for service providers these days? They search online.  Online searches have become the go-to information source when...

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Dental Social Media Marketing — Put Together a Plan That Works

In today’s ultra-connected world, your dental practice’s online success depends on your ability to design and execute a digital marketing plan...

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Digital Marketing for Dentists — How to to Find New Patients

  For dental practices, digital marketing can be a tough nut to crack. If you don’t have any experience promoting and advertising your business...

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5 Examples of Brand-Building Dental Video Marketing

  There are few digital marketing channels more beneficial for local service providers than video marketing. For dentists and other healthcare...

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How to Put Together An Effective Dental Office Marketing Plan

  For dental practice owners, putting together your first marketing plan can be a difficult task. As a dentist, there is a good chance that you...

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7 Ways a Dental Marketing Consultant Can Help Grow Your Practice

  Tired of beating your head against the wall, trying to land more dental clients through digital marketing? As the owner of a dental practice, it...

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2020: 7 Small Business Marketing Tips to Beat Bigger Competitors

In 2020, it doesn't take a large staff to develop an effective marketing campaign. In this blog, we'll go over some of our favorite small business...

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Dental Email Marketing — Build Stronger Relationships with Patients

  To be successful in dental marketing, you always have to look for a way to get a leg up on the competition. In smaller cities, there might only...

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