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Demand Generation captures the umbrella of marketing programs that get customers excited about your company’s product and services...

It’s an ongoing and evolving process, so it’s best to imagine it as a cycle instead of moving in a straight line.

While there are multiple techniques to Lead Generation, not all techniques are created equally. 

Demand generation utilizes multiple media platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook, native advertising, influencer marketing and more to generate targeted traffic for your campaigns right away, leading to immediate traffic and conversions.

Just like all of our services, we only focus on the specific strategies that will achieve your business and marketing goals.


While the individual components will vary, these three core stages are consistent across all of our Demand Generation efforts:


Demand Generation - create generation demand by making your brand shine...

At the center of any Demand Gen offering is your brand, product or services.

Spreading awareness of your company can be done through event-driven marketing, content marketing, interactive marketing or direct response marketing.

When you garner a raw lead from a demand gen campaign, it’s referred to as an “unqualified” lead, which can be nurtured in later stages.

This brings us to…


Lead Nurturing

First, we take your unqualified leads and begin to polish them like precious stones.

This means we deliver valuable and relative content or other lead magnets that generate awareness and breed trust with your brand.

Then we start to increase engagement with your business until these leads turn into “marketing qualified leads” or MQLs.

By continually nurturing these leads with effective and quality content, we’ll eventually turn them into…


Sales - demand excellence in nurturing processes

Your once unpolished leads are now shiny, qualified leads.  It doesn't take much to progress these leads with good content and customized promotions to ultimately convert them into a sale.

Any leads lost are fed back into the lead nurturing process to begin the cycle again.

A truly great lead nurturing process will not only guide leads through each stage and to the point of sale, but they’ll also capture feedback from any lost opportunities to measurably improve on future efforts.


Demand Generation Agency Strategy

A good demand generation strategy can be thought of as a funnel.

By identifying the largest possible audiences that are likely to be receptive to your brand, you can start to move potential customers further along in the buying process.

By identifying these groups of potential customers and developing direct response campaigns and marketing efforts, you nurture the relationship until the leads are ready to become customers.

As a demand generation agency, RiseFuel has evolved as strategies change and maintains real-time expertise on how to accomplish your objectives today.


Customer Stories

Some of the business that trust us to deliver perfection every day

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"Our inbound leads have grown dramatically from our website and search optimization since RiseFuel has become our Marketing Partner."

Kurt Osborne
President, Survival Armor

"RiseFuel helped us to automate our lead generation, qualification, and nurturing process so that we're constantly pushing leads down our funnel even when we're not looking. "

Emmet Howle
National Sales Manager, Wilmar, Inc.

MultiSite is a fast-growing company that was looking to improve  our marketing & sales efforts. That's when we found RiseFuel. But what impressed us most was the lead growth and sales increase.

Tom Fitzpatrick
Managing Partner, MultiSite LED

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with? If this doesn’t cover your question, reach out.

How Long Does A Demand Generation Contract With RiseFuel Last?
We like to keep things flexible for you, so we only require a 60-day cancellation notice due to campaigns being planned out and content created in advance.
What Does Demand Generation Mean?

Demand generation services drive awareness and interest in your brand, products and services.

We get both new and existing customers excited about what your company offers, and we deepen their relationship with your business.

Is Demand Generation The Same Thing As Lead Generation?
No. Lead generation is one aspect of demand generation, and it’s one of the more specific services we provide, but demand generation includes much more. 
Is RiseFuel Based Entirely In The USA?
Yes. We’re headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, and we do not outsource any of our work outside of the good old USA.
Is Demand Generation Another Way Of Saying “Marketing?

No. Demand Generation is a specific aspect of marketing that focuses on the top part of the sales funnel.

While marketing as a whole focuses on driving sales specifically, Demand Generation is mostly about building brand awareness and building relationships using multiple tools and great content offers.

All of these strategies are related and feed into each other.

How Long Does It Take To Get Started On A Campaign With RiseFuel?
It takes us two to three weeks or less to get acclimated with your business and requirements before we start the strategies that help grow awareness of your brand.
Can RiseFuel Help Me With Other Aspects Of My Business?
Yes! We offer additional marketing services such as inbound marketing, lead generation, SEO, website design and development,  HubSpot consulting and support, content marketing and email marketing.

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