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Our mission is to help you and your organization succeed by leveraging technology and marketing automation

Our Niche Is Manufacturing, Technology, Dental & Professional Services

We specialize in the technology, manufacturing, dental and professional services industries. We’re at our best with companies that need us to be their marketing department.

inbound marketing agency

We Build Thought Leaders

We turn our clients’ knowledge into expert content that attracts, engages and converts targeted audiences into real leads.

inbound marketing agency

Revenue Is Our Success Metric

If you’re not generating more sales, we’re not doing our job. We consider it our responsibility to help you build a business development machine that produces strong ROI.

inbound marketing agency
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inbound marketing agency
inbound marketing agency

We Produce Marketing & Sales Campaigns

At RiseFuel, we don’t sell projects, but ongoing marketing and sales programs like The Growth Driven GamePlan. You can learn about how we price our services on our pricing page.

inbound marketing agency

RiseFuel Really Listens To Its Customers.

They're always looking at the road map and taking our feedback and fine-tuning the product.

inbound marketing agency

We Are Creative & Innovative

Our focus is to help small to medium-sized businesses tackle their most intense digital marketing challenges and optimize their online presence.

"We have one simple way to measure our success here: when you do well, we do well.  We love to help our clients succeed, and we consider it our personal responsibility to ensure that happens for each client we are lucky enough to work with."

-Tony Shannon, President

About RiseFuel

RiseFuel is a marketing automation and sales enablement company drawing on years of experience from within the world of digital marketing and in business operations.  Our clients have found that this helps us partner more closely with our clients and see clearly their vision and this aids us in creating opportunities and successful results.

The RiseFuel team is a diverse group of highly talented individuals, all born with special marketing powers. Yes, really. Our mission is clear and simple: we are going to modernize marketing; one client at a time.   Operating out of our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are the future of website design, social media engagement, search marketing, and web/mobile development.

Comprised of the best and the brightest, each member of the RiseFuel team was recruited for their love of all things digital and their drive to always finish first. We’ve gathered a new generation of strategic and creative digital leaders into our ranks.  Our number will continue to grow as highly qualified and ambitious professionals, armed with fresh perspectives continue to find and join our culture and our cause.  

HubSpot Silver Certified Agency Partner 


We are delighted to be a HubSpot Silver HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. This means that we have been acknowledged as delivering "inbound marketing services to the highest standards". 

As one of the fastest growing HubSpot Silver Certified Agency Partners, we're dedicated to ensuring your success.  By utilizing tools like HubSpot you are able to have complete transparency with the progress of campaigns.

Our Process

Our process starts with understanding your business goals, defining your ideal buyers’ unique journey and creating a marketing strategy that aligns with your sales initiatives.   We research, plan, strategize, execute, measure and then optimize to get maximum results — and then we start the process again.  We let the data and user-behavior drive our collaborative decisions.

We Add Deep Level SEO Power!

At RiseFuel, we lead highly-strategic inbound campaigns that turn leads into customers.  What makes us different is we integrate our campaigns with rigorous SEO analysis, giving us the insight and agility needed to achieve our clients’ most ambitious goals. SEO strategy gets people to your site, inbound strategy gets them engaged.

It’s all about getting relevant content in front of potential customers.  If you’re not an expert, it’s difficult to know where to start. What sort of content should you create? White papers? E-books? Webinars? On-site guides? All of the above?  And what will have the biggest impact? Our process eliminates the guesswork up front, and allows us to evolve as we move forward. 


By utilizing the newest and best technologies, we are able to efficiently provide modern online solutions to your organization at the most affordable rates.  Our success depends on the success of our clients.

We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure that their online goals are met. Our commitment to our clients has earned us an impressive portfolio.  We are strategic thinkers who are dedicated to our clients and reliable. Every aspect of each project has the customer in mind, and we are proud of the tremendous reputation that we have established.

Who We Work With

From funded start-ups to companies in business for many years we focus on modernizing marketing and achieving their sales and revenue goals. We work exclusively and have expertise with these industries: Technology, Manufacturing, Dental & Professional Services. 

Digital Marketing Services and Strategy to Help Reach Your Business Goals.

At RiseFuel, we pride ourselves on being a group that has focused attention on client relationships, communication, and recommendations that keep our client’s budget, needs and goals in mind.  We work collaboratively to help you further define your goals, review existing assets and create a strategy to build upon continuous improvement and a frequentative marketing model.

We apply a data-driven approach to the services we provide to help our clients attract, convert and nurture qualified leads.

We’re Accountable for Results

We don’t shy away from setting clear goals for performance and holding ourselves accountable for delivering results. You won’t ever have to wonder whether our strategies are working or hope that you’re getting a valuable return on your investment.  We offer clear reporting and communication so that you can see exactly how our strategies are working.

 Interested? Schedule a 15-minute chat to explore how we could help you reach your revenue goals. 

tony shannon risefuel


Tony is the experienced business leader and marketer behind each client’s strategic plan.   
Based on his experience as a business owner and the expertise
he’s developed, he makes custom recommendations based on each client’s position in the marketplace and target audience.
Tony is energized by success, pushing him toward excellence in everything he does.  Clients enthusiastically recommend Tony to their colleagues because they know they can count on him.

Our Team

Copywriter & Content Writer

Laura MacPherson

Marketing Project Manager

Molly Hunsinger

Front End Designer

Josh Korzinek

Marketing Data Analyst

Scott Jones

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