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Topic: Pay Per Click

What Does a Google Adwords Consultant Do? Can They Help Me Grow?

  So — you’ve seen the success that your competitors have been able to generate on Google Adwords and you’d like the same for yourself?   Google...

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What Makes Google Advertising so Essential For Your Marketing Mix?

  You might have heard RiseFuel or another expert mention it: Google should be an essential part of your digital marketing mix. But when you hear...

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Dental Patient Marketing — How To Attract New Patients

  As healthcare professionals, you know how competitive the industry can be. In larger cities, patients may have dozens or even hundreds of...

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Google Adwords Vs Yellow Pages: Is Google Adwords Worth It?

  When it comes to promoting just about anything, one major decision you’re going to have to make is exactly what sort of promotional tool you’re...

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5 Ways to Stack Pay Per Click Ads in Your Favor

So many things in life these days are a gamble. In fact, just crossing a busy street can put you at risk. However, you can't live your life...

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