The HubSpot Growth Stack

Using HubSpot CRM, Marketing & Sales Software For Companies That Want To Grow

So What Is the HubSpot Growth Stack?

A stack is a set of tech tools and services that work together to achieve a specific result.

Many companies have an entire stack of tools they use to market, sell, and communicate with their customers and prospects. HubSpot's answer to this is called a growth stack.

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Included in Your Stack

  • HubSpot CRM - Everything you need to organize-track-nurture your relationships with leads and customers. 
  • Sales Hub - Time-saving tools that help you get deeper insights into your prospective customers, automate the tasks you hate and help you close more deals faster.
  • Marketing Hub - Grow traffic, convert more visitors with tools like landing pages, analytics, marketing automation, and much more.
  • Service Hub - Customer service tools that will help you connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters that promote your business.

A complete Growth Stack covers your entire funnel and gives you the tools to attract visitors, convert those people into leads, nurture those leads into deals, manage prospects, and delight customers. 

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Close the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

Stay on top of your entire marketing and sales funnel from first website visit to closed deals and beyond.  Your marketing and sales teams share contacts, customer data, dashboards, reports, and pipelines in one place.

This makes you faster as a team and helps you see how marketing, sales, and each asset contributes to your bottom line.

Make Lead Hand-off Flawless & Fast

Handoff more qualified leads to sales without having to manually score them or contact sales yourself.  When a lead is qualified based on criteria you set, an automated email with a link to the lead’s contact record is sent to the sales rep most likely to make the sale.

Now marketing can focus on generating and nurturing leads, and your sales team can be sure that leads aren’t slipping through the cracks.

Personalize Your Approach From First Pitch to Final Sale

Get all of the contexts you need to make each pitch relevant, without spending hours searching for your angle.  See every interaction a lead has had with your company at a glance. Lead scores, web page visits, content downloads, opened emails, and more – it’s all there in one place.

You can then use this insight to close deals by using each follow-up to expand on the points they’ve shown interest in and then fill in any gaps based on information they’ve missed.

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Is Your Company a Fit?

One of the best things about HubSpot is how well it works for virtually all types of companies and industries.

Software for Companies of all Shapes and Sizes

Increasing leads and converting them are top priorities regardless of company size or organization type (B2B, B2C, nonprofit).  HubSpot with its comprehensive and collaborative data makes it easy to prove ROI.

  • Companies that spend less than $100,000 on marketing annually are four times more likely to practice inbound than outbound.  

  • 70% of marketers say converting leads is their top priority. So, if that's your goal, HubSpot should be a top contender.

  • HubSpot helps marketers master the art of lead nurturing and engagement with tools that personalize and optimize campaigns. 

  • The all-in-one solution caters to marketers from all backgrounds, with intuitive features for various skill levels.

Advantages of HubSpot:

  • Easy-To-Learn. Get started right away with its intuitive interface. Enhance skills over time with HubSpot Academy, which has certifications, videos, blog posts, and other content for all skill levels.

  • Advanced Nurturing Tools. Segment, nurture, and guide leads through the funnel using smart lists, lead scoring, triggered workflows, and sales sequences.

  • Robust Content Creation. Create content that personalizes based on the information you have about a lead. Start using smart content on emails, website pages, landing pages, and forms created within HubSpot for better engagement with potential customers.

  • Advanced Blogging Capabilities. Draft and publish mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized posts with smart CTAs. Schedule in advance and analyze post-performance.

  • Selection Of Pricing Tiers. There's a pricing tier for everyone. Basic for small teams, $200/month. Professional for more experienced teams, $800/month. Enterprise, for advanced teams, $2,400/month.
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Hubspot + Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing succeeds by interrupting people with television ads, magazine ads, and other forms of media that jumped between consumers’ attention and what they were doing.

While most of us can agree that we don’t like invasive ads that disrupt what we’re doing – we still love to buy things that we want and need.  

We just prefer to seek out those companies on our own and to conduct personal research before talking with a sales rep.

The purpose of inbound marketing is to make it easier for your company’s products and services to get discovered by your target customers and to provide them with the information they’re looking for to make a purchasing decision.

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Works Effectively Whether You Sell Services or Products

Companies selling products find HubSpot extremely useful because they can track which products their customers are considering and serve them relevant content that helps them make a purchasing decision. 

Once someone has purchased a product, businesses can also automate marketing campaigns to promote other products they might be interested in and deliver more value through related content and offers.

Companies that offer services, on the other hand, appreciate HubSpot because it allows them to nurture client relationships from lead to customer and beyond.

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How Much Does HubSpot Cost?

HubSpot’s software is an investment, but you have options. Take a look:

Starter starts at $50/Month
Starting at $200/Month
Starting at $800/Month
Starting at $2,400/Month

HubSpot Prices vs The Competition

HubSpot is also a steal compared to its major competitors.

$1,195 to $11,995
Per Month
$1,000 to $3,000
Per Month
$2,000 to $4,000+
Per Month

Considering the flexible options, it’s arguably the most affordable platform of its kind. It is especially great for growing businesses as you can get your most basic needs covered right away and upgrade as your business grows.

Inbound marketing is all about lead generation and managing/nurturing those leads.  As your contact database grows (which it will if you’re doing things right), you will incur a small additional charge (ranging from $10-100 depending on your package) for every 1,000 new contacts.

We understand everyone understandably wants to keep costs low,  but these additional leads will likely multiple the number spent on them in returned revenue and ultimately, a sign that your inbound marketing is working.   Click here to calculate the expected ROI of Inbound Marketing for your business!


HubSpot vs. WordPress Websites

It’s about getting the most out of your investment. Don’t have HubSpot? WordPress is the place to go. But if you have HubSpot, well, the question of where to build and host your website is an obvious one. It’s on HubSpot. Every single time.

HubSpot, out of the box, is designed to be that all-in-one marketing and sales software that can track different touchpoints in a buyer's journey and show the value of the ecosystem, not the tactic or campaign.

Combined with the HubSpot CRM and Sidekick, you can even trace a sale to each point on the path from visitor to customer. This way you know what pieces and parts are working together to generate revenue and you can improve upon them.

HubSpot Offers Many Integrations and Is Adding More Constantly.

Technology plays a huge role in businesses today and HubSpot developed HubSpot Connect to ensure its software integrates with popular tools and programs used in a wide variety of industries that you’re likely already using.


Huge Library of Integrations Available Presently

HubSpot Connect already hosts integrations for dozens of the most popular tools available. View the complete list here.

Connect - Integrations Ecosystem 1_18 Final-1

Comprehensive, Visual Reporting with Details

With its comprehensive analytics, HubSpot has built-in reporting tools help you track, measure, and visualize the most important metrics for your business.  

From top to bottom, you can see how every stage of your funnel is performing and make smart decisions to improve those critical KPIs.

HubSpot is very detailed with its data tracking, allowing you to create extremely comprehensive and visual reports.

From page views and blog subscribers to lead behavior and specific page performance, you can measure and export everything.  

Many of the most popular reports are readily available (without any work on your part) and you can set it up so that these reports are automatically delivered to your email inbox.

If HubSpot doesn’t already have the report you’re looking for made, you can easily create custom reports based on actions, properties, website performance, contact behavior, and much more.  

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HubSpot Website Platform  & WordPress 

WordPress is the go-to for many bloggers and businesses because it’s free, fairly easy to use, and usually reliable, but with it is also an aging platform that has become widely criticized in recent years.

Simplify life and increase results by replacing your WordPress site by moving your site into the HubSpot platform.

If you want to start off smaller HubSpot will integrate with your existing WordPress site.

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HubSpot Website Platform (COS)

The HubSpot Website Platform is fast, easy to use, fully integrates your content to a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search, and offers personalization to specific viewers.

We’re huge fans of the HubSpot Website Platform here at RiseFuel.  All of our designers and developers are COS certified. 


Here are the facts:

Easy to Manage Interface
HubSpot’s inline editor allows you to customize pages with drag-and-drop elements and create page templates without any code. You can quickly edit content, add CTAs, and more from your HubSpot dashboard.

Secure & Protected 
SSL (secure sockets layer) is automatically included to ensure your website and any data your prospects and customers input are highly secure. Plus, HubSpot includes a Web Application Firewall to protect from malicious threats.

Optimized for Mobile (Responsive)
Your blog posts, landing pages, and all other web content will automatically adjust to the perfect dimensions for any screen, big or small.

Fast Content Delivery Network (CDN)

HubSpot uses a content delivery network to ensure your website has reliable uptime and blazing fast performance.
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Why Should You Use the HubSpot Website Platform?

It will be very difficult to fully appreciate the website platform unless you’ve built or managed business websites in the past or tried to launch a robust inbound marketing campaign with other platforms. The difference is night and day and very significant.

It is built to scale and makes life incredibly easy in the beginning because you have immediate access to powerful features that are normally considered “advanced.

As your business grows and your inbound tactics evolve, your website is ready to deliver Smart Content, run A/B tests, and handle pretty much any other technical task you have can think of.

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No Customization Limits

  • Most other CRMs have annoying customization limits, but HubSpot allows you to customize everything to your brand and your specific sales process.  
  • Uses the Same Database as Marketing Platform for seamless integration
  • The HubSpot CRM is seamlessly connected with what you’re doing on the marketing side, allowing a smooth transition of leads from marketing to sales in your funnel and a far easier communication of data.
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HubSpot & RiseFuel-Are Better Together

What's the point of buying a robust marketing automation software if you don't know how to use it or have the time to do it right? The HubSpot experts at RiseFuel will leverage HubSpot to maximum efficiency and effectiveness so you can sit back and watch the leads grow.

One sure fire way to know what we’re really talking about is to give HubSpot a try for yourself. 

Talk to us here at RiseFuel and we’ll help you set up a free 30-day unlimited trial of HubSpot and walk you through how to use it to achieve your marketing and business goals quickly.

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