Maximize Your Productivity

Whether you’re in the marketing position of your dreams or working your way up the sales ladder, being on the right career path does matter as some jobs carry more of a workload than others. As humans, we all can find ourselves struggling with being productive from time to time, regardless of the career we’re in.

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As a direct result of the pandemic, the work environment looks much different today than it did just two years ago. With the number of remote jobs at an all-time high and people minimizing travel for the foreseeable future, our surroundings have shifted drastically. Working from home or renting an office space for the day can greatly impact your motivation; thankfully, there is a plethora of ways to cut out distractions from your life and maximize your productivity no matter where you’re working from.

Maximize Your Emailing Time

As with any marketing/sales position, you often find yourself spending large amounts of time sending out emails, especially for outreach campaigns. Hot or cold, clients or prospects, emailing can be a one-way street to burnout if you aren’t taking this time seriously, especially if you’re not seeing the results you wanted.

Instead of blasting out as many emails as you can with the same template, make them more personalized. For starters, you can try changing up the subject line to increase responses. You want the recipient to feel like a real person sent this email to them with good intentions. Keeping it conversational and short is what you want to aim for. If you find yourself struggling, picture yourself on the opposite end, looking through your email. You know exactly which emails you open and which ones you delete without opening, so use this line of thinking to your advantage the next time you send out an email.

In addition, you’ll find that more often than not, emailing on a weekday will be more successful as most of the people you’re trying to reach work Monday through Friday, especially if it’s another corporate business. Another example is automating this process. Resources such as outreach templates allow you to streamline your process while still leaving room to customize each email. If you’re struggling to land more clients, do some research on outreach email tips to help you find leads and ultimately, increase your productivity.

Consider Different Angles For Your Business

Most people, especially in the business world, tend to reach a point where they wish they could be doing more, but find themselves tied up in current projects. They wish they could be more productive, but don’t see a different angle from which they can attack their workload. Instead of draining yourself, be proactive and find a new way.

For starters, taking a new route to your marketing strategy might be a significant first step. If you haven’t explored video marketing, this is your sign to. It's very likely that you may have in fact reached your full potential in one area and it’s time to explore another. Video marketing is great and is making big strides today. Some of the best features of this technique include associating a person or face with your company or product, expanding on huge platforms, or even just for the visual aspect: consumers love videos.

If you think that you’re making all of the right moves and leveraging yourself or your business to the best of your ability, it may be time to outsource some of your work. You can go as big or as small as you want for this depending on your budget and what it’ll allow. Hiring a web design company is a perfect place to start taking some of that load off your shoulders and focusing your attention elsewhere. Among the many benefits, bringing in a new set of minds to take a look at what you have might be one of the best things you can do to separate yourself from the competition. Before hiring, you want to take a deep dive into your current social media presence as well as your SEO data. Keep in mind the majority of online users begin their journey with a search. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two about search engine optimization or social media marketing along the way.

Take Your Own Health Into Consideration

It’s possible that your own health could be holding you back from being the most productive version of yourself. If you work long strenuous hours, it’s more than likely that you’re neglecting yourself and putting others first.

If it’s been a while since you had the opportunity to get outside and exercise, you should make this a priority. Plan out some time to take the family on a walk after work or maybe consider picking up a gym membership. It’s only fair that you put a fraction of that same energy you spend at work back into your own health. If you find yourself struggling to make time for yourself, try waking up earlier so you can get in and out of the gym before your work day starts. Or, if you’re not a morning person and have more energy in the evening, try bringing your gym clothes with you to work so you can stop by and get in a quick workout before you head home. There are many different strategies you can take to get your body moving, you just need to find the right one for your lifestyle.

Maintain your health just like you maintain your busy work schedule because it’s just as important. If you find yourself putting your own health to the side, odds are that you’re also putting your annual health screenings off as well. Make it a priority to get your annual checkups with your primary care doctor, optometrist, and dentist. Remember, your health might be limiting the quality of work you’re doing. Something as simple as updating your prescription eyeglasses might be the difference you’re looking for when it comes to keeping your health in line and your productivity in check. The bottom line is that your work output can only be as good as your health allows.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a game plan or at least a starting point for increasing your productivity, it’s time to take action. Your productivity has an enormous impact on your workday, so taking steps in the right direction to maximize your sales goals or develop the best marketing plan your company has ever seen is in your best interest. Not only increasing your productivity but maximizing it, might be that final check you need for the raise or promotion you’ve been after.

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