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Tony Shannon

TONY SHANNON is President at RiseFuel, marketing automation and inbound marketing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.
What is Marketing Mix? Why Is It Important?

If you’ve been researching how to improve your marketing, there is a good chance that you have read quite a bit about “marketing mix.”

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What Is A Content Creator? What Do They Do?

You've probably heard the term “content creator” thrown around a lot online. If you aren’t fully sure what people mean when they say that — don’t...

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Do I Need a Marketing Consultant?

Are you looking to boost the effectiveness of your marketing, but aren’t really sure where to begin?

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7 Value Proposition Examples To Help You Speak to Your Audience

Today, people don’t have very long attention spans.  When you get your messaging in front of a prospect, it is critical that you are able to...

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4 Ways to Dominate B2B Sales in 2020

The B2B sales landscape looks a lot different from how it did just a few decades. What worked then is not relevant these days.

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5 Critical Elements of an Effective Brand Strategy

  When it comes to determining the long term health and viability of a business, nothing has a stronger impact than brand strategy.

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5 Powerful Sales Techniques to Close More Deals

  Sales — it’s the lifeblood of any B2B company. A great sales operation can be the difference between being stagnant and a healthy, growing...

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What is Responsive Web Design? Why Is It Important?

  If you’re in the market for a new website for your business, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of “responsive web design.”

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A 2020 Guide to Customer Acquisition

  Customer acquisition can be a costly endeavor, particularly as marketing is becoming more expensive. Customers trust brands less than they did a...

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How to Grow Your Business with an Email Marketing Strategy

  Email marketing works. Even in the face of continued new ways to market your business online, it remains one of the most effective and easiest...

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