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Topic: Marketing Automation

Do I Need a Marketing Consultant?
By Tony Shannon on February 20, 2020

Are you looking to boost the effectiveness of your marketing, but aren’t really sure where to begin?

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What is a Customer Persona? - Why You Need to Know Yours
By RiseFuel on December 13, 2019

A Customer Persona (or Buyer Persona) is an ideal customer's fictitious mock-up or template.This usually includes demographics (age, gender...

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How HubSpot Marketing Automation Creates Better Customer Experiences
By Tony Shannon on October 30, 2019

Marketing automation is the future. There is no doubt about it. Today, brands collect more data than ever. Collecting customer data allows them to...

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What Does Marketing Automation Do?
By Tony Shannon on June 18, 2019

If you’ve been studying how to improve your business’ digital presence, there is a good chance that you have come across the term “marketing...

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Why Every Company Should Develop Automated Email Sequences
By Tony Shannon on April 10, 2019

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most impactful tools in your digital marketing toolkit. Everyone uses email.

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What is a HubSpot Consultant & How Can They Help Me?
By Tony Shannon on March 2, 2019

If you’ve landed on this page, you likely already use the HubSpot platform to manage your digital marketing and sales campaigns, or you have had...

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5 Internet Marketing Strategies That Will Succeed in 2020
By Tony Shannon on September 6, 2018

Trying to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape can be difficult. It seems like every year there is a new strategy or...

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What is Marketing Automation and Why is it the Future of  Marketing?
By Tony Shannon on July 12, 2018

The future of digital marketing will be increasingly automated. Advancements in technology have brought new strategies and tools at pricing...

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What is a KPI in Marketing? Monitor, Optimize, Grow
By Tony Shannon on May 21, 2018

What is ‘KPI’ in digital marketing? If you’ve been brushing up on your digital marketing terminology, there is a good chance that you have seen the...

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7 Ways B2B Marketing Automation Could Change Your Business
By Tony Shannon on May 15, 2018

Marketing automation is pushing its way into virtually every aspect of digital marketing. It has a reputation for being an extremely valuable tool...

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