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Technology Products & Services And Inbound Marketing

We place enormous value on getting to know your business, your goals and your competitors and provide you with a dedicated team of Inbound marketers who truly understand where you are now, and where you aim moving forward.

We begin our Inbound Marketing process by taking a deep dive into your current marketing efforts.

By interviewing you and your team, and conducting our own research, we’ll review your marketing goals, evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitor analysis and analyze your website’s usability, structure and messaging. 



RiseFuel helps technology products and services companies reach the right audiences through engaging and focused content that speaks to their target market’s needs. 

We partner with your business to ensure that you reach your lead and sales targets through proven digital marketing strategies that include the entire spectrum of today’s online touch points.



Educate, delight, and provide real value. That's what our approach to inbound marketing is all about. Every prospective lead should be educated about your cloud service or product, delighted to see an industry void filled, and develop an appreciation of the value that it provides. 

To accomplish this, we first identify all of your buyer personas and their journey, then formulate a strategy to target each persona.

We come up with a comprehensive strategy that integrates SEO, PPC, content, email and social media channels together for the best results.

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Our goal is to generate substantial new website traffic with improved quality of visitors, resulting in a significant increase in your lead-to-customer conversion rates. 

Engaging content attracts quality prospects who can ultimately become your best customers, especially if you have a B2B product offering.

If your content isn’t up to par, you’ll lose leads and struggle to drive relevant traffic to your website. We can work with you on several fronts:

  • Developing a content marketing strategy, buyer personas, content types, and content calendars
  • Creating original, engaging and well-researched content for all stages of the funnel and usable in multiple different channels including SEO, blogging, PPC and social media
  • Writing well-researched, long-form content such as eBooks, white papers, and guides
  • Building landing pages to capture leads through gated content

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Most leads, especially those at the top of your sales funnel, will not be ready to convert after the first interaction. You need to keep your brand in front of these leads and devise ways of nurturing them along the funnel with different types of content offers.

Additionally, users who are trying out your product or service for a specific period or users who signed up for a free trial but did not move forward with a paid subscription will need more customized messaging.  


How do we do it?  We help you define and articulate what you do, who you do it for and why yours is the best, EVER. Solid messaging is the first step to ensure you stand out from the crowd.  


We focus on driving home the leads through three proven areas:

Area 1 – Content & Social  

We use your channels to engage with thought leaders, not silent followers. Through continued analysis of industry leaders, influencers and your ecosystem we create blogs, website content, social media posts and other digital assets that inform and demonstrate value to your leads as they travel on the buyer's journey to discover solutions.


Area 2 – Multi-channel Paid Advertising 

Google, Facebook YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn,  – we love them all and will integrate them to the max to get results,  create leads with your ideal customer targets. We’ll get decision makers to visit you via LinkedIn and convert the next time they’re searching for a solution like yours. You only pay for the ads that trigger a reaction.


Area 3 – Inbound Marketing With Marketing Automation

So you’ve got leads; in fact, you’ve got more leads than you can handle. It’s time to ditch your customer spreadsheet and let us engage and nurture your leads through our marketing automation solutions.

We love HubSpot to help you convert more leads into customers as well as stay in touch with your existing customers.  There are many other capabilities that the HubSpot Marketing & Sales platform gives you the ability to do well with. 


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Gain Customers - Build Brand Awareness and Generate & Increase Revenue

We work with your company to capture and grow as much revenue as possible.

To do this, we need to focus on critical marketing foundations, including:

  • Value proposition and messaging
  • Buyer persona, buyer journey and marketing strategy
  • Modern, simple website and
    conversion path
  • Demand generation strategy and campaigns 
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Monetize Customers - Realize Sustained Growth & Achieve Market Leadership

As a your company becomes a dominant player in the market, sustaining growth, building new products or pursuing acquisition by a larger company become primary goals. 

To do this, you need to follow a plan that scales revenue growth with performance and brand reputation. 

  • Aligned Sales and Marketing Teams 
  • Leading Positions in Search 
  • Superior Brand Reputation
  • Proven Growth in Marketing KPIs 
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ultimate guide to inbound marketing for tech companies

Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

1. Blogs: Attract Prospects By Offering Solutions to Problems

Blogs are a terrific way to attract visitors to your site and brand, and they can be tailored to any stage in the buyer’s journey. At the top of the funnel, your blogs should be buyer-centric, engaging, and informative.

At the bottom, they can help readers understand more precisely how your product fixes their problem better than anyone else’s. And, in the middle, they can be about new features you’ve added or what they should consider in their evaluation process.

Blogs focus on education, not selling. Your content sets you up as an expert in whatever it is visitors are looking for.

Demonstrate how well you understand their pain, how well you know what can help, and even what downsides or challenges could exist. This begins to build their trust in you and is part of your relationship building.

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2. Public Relations: Getting Your Name Out There

The second of the marketing strategies for tech companies is public relations, and the “ROI can be incredibly valuable,” especially if you go a hybrid route and “meld PR into SEO/paid media/social media,” according to an article on Entrepreneur.

This is another strategy that works to position you as a thought leader. You can write magazine articles, newspaper pieces and send out news releases about milestone events. Conversely, you could also hire a marketing agency to help out here.


3. Email Marketing: To Enhance Relationships & Nurture Prospects

Using email is another of the marketing strategies for tech companies. Use email to:

  • Thank people for subscribing to your newsletter
  • Inviting them to view another piece of content based on what they downloaded the first time
  • Invite them to a webinar or other event
  • Ask how things are going
  • … And lots more

Free Email Marketing tools in the HubSpot CRM-1


4. LinkedIn: Both Personal & Corporate

Among the marketing strategies for tech companies is the use of LinkedIn. 94% of B2B enterprise marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute prefer LinkedIn as their top social media platform. And there’s good reason for that:

linkedin marketing for tech companies

5. Organic Social Media: Twitter & Facebook

There are more than 60 million businesses that have Pages on Facebook, but about 87% of posts to those pages never get answered. This gives you an opening. Give advice; answer questions. Provide value.

Twitter has 328 million users, not all of whom you’ll want to target. So, build your list of followers carefully, segment them into lists based on particular hashtags or interests, read some of the questions that are Tweeted, and respond.

Sure, it’s OK to tweet about your new piece of content, but don’t do that exclusively. The idea is to build relationships, credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader. Make use of videos, direct messages, and graphics to help your Tweets stand out.



6. Paid Social Media: Facebook

Facebook ads can be a great way to build your subscriber base, direct people to a landing page, create interest in your brand, and more.

The average conversion rate for ads on this platform across all industries is 9.21%, although for tech companies that drops to 2.3%. Still, that’s better than the nearly 40% of marketers who have landing pages that convert at less than 1.4%.

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7. Pay-per-Click: Retargeting

Retargeting refers to display ads that show up on another site being visited by a person who’s already been to your site, and you can do this through the Google Display Network.

This means they’ve already shown some interest in what it is you offer. In essence, now, even your ads can be pre-qualified. The Google Display Network is one of the most power-packed advertising tools you can use, and it reaches 90% of global internet users.

But you need a strategy. Who, specifically, will you target? There are many choices, including targeting those who visited:

  • Your home page
  • One page, but not another
  • Based on keywords or phrases or questions asked
  • Two or more specific pages

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ultimate guide to inbound marketing for tech companies
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