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" Tony is a passionate person who always puts his clients’ priorities first. He will always get the job done not matter how unique or difficult the project is.

I absolutely recommend Tony. . . he is such a pleasure to work with! "

Mark O’Marketing

Enzo Lopez

" I've known Tony for close to a decade and can attest to his knowledge of his profession. I highly recommend his company."
John Doe

Matt Hrdlick
Carolina Carpet Solutions

carolina carpet solutions

"Tony's passion for constant growth & excellence in his profession is second to none. He is a tremendous resource for any technology needs you or your business may have and I would strongly recommend sitting down with Tony to explore the areas where he can add the most value.

I have had the privilege of working with Tony's firm and have recommended them to close friends because of the quality in services, recommendations and value at which they completed the tasks at hand. "


Tom FitzPatrick 
Managing Partner

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" Integrity is the sustainable element of business success. Tony has integrity and it shows in all his and his team's interactions with their customers. Thank you, Tony, for your integrity and great service."
Carl Donson

Peter Popovich
UNC Charlotte

unc charlotte

"Tony Shannon is one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with.

Tony truly cares about providing the highest level of service to his customers, and he has built an organization that does just that."

Sandra Ericson

Scott McConnell
Strategic Products and Services

calyptix security

"Tony took over our company website and SEO campaign a short time ago. He has been getting us great results in a short amount of time.

Tony knows his craft well and takes seriously the task of helping us meet our goals. He is an ethical business person, honest and trustworthy. I trust Tony with all things internet related."

Leonard Hearthstone

Lorne James
H2O Drying Solutions

h2odrying ( logo ).jpg

"We were confused by the overwhelming amount of choices in digital marketing. What should we do? What shouldn't we do?

Tony and his team cleared the fog and helped us create a strategy that made things clear and effective. Let RiseFuel guide you and you will not regret it."

David Lezinsky

Dan Wilson
President, Waypoint Solutions

waypoint it solutions
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