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We've solved some big challenges for some fantastic clients, here are some of their stories...

caldwell collison

Caldwell Collision

Despite their lack of a digital presence their brick and mortar was strong and growing. They had a great business and a great reputation. 


Caldwell Collision’s website needed to serve as an ambassador for the greater Charlotte region, showcasing their superior collision repair services and excellent reputation to grow their business.

  • Visits Increase - +283%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +335%
  • Mobile + Tablet Visit Increase - +474%
  • Bounce Rate Improvement - +68%
wilmar inc client risefuel

Wilmar, Inc.

Wilmar, Inc. approached us because they needed help in building and implementing a strategy to guide their marketing efforts moving forward and integrate their sales team to generate leads and improve sales processes.

We built a foundation that revolved around the primary goal of new client acquisition.


Wilmar's website needed to reflect not only the expertise and solutions they provide but to also communicate their commitment to fleet safety and client' success. Our task was to define their values of integrity, excellence, and unsurpassed service to its customers.

  • Visits Increase - +258%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +307%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +159%
  • Conversions - +131%
h2o drying solutions

H2O Drying Solutions

When we were hired, the website was outdated with poor messaging and even worse design elements not to mention being housed in a clunky, CMS that posed a serious security risk. They only had four existing resources that all needed to be reworked and redesigned because they were grossly outdated. A lack of traffic and lead production brought the need for additional marketing strategy and automation.

In order to turn these elements around and begin producing quantifiable results for H2O, we needed to build a marketing strategy tailored to their goals, marketing priorities and industry.


Positioning H2O Drying Solutions as a leader in the water restoration industry was a main objective as well as increasing qualified traffic to the site.


  • Visits Increase - +185%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +281%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +62%
  • Conversions - +71%
william linger, dds, magd risefuel client

William Linger, DDS, MAGD

We are fortunate  to represent the wonderful people at William Linger, DDS, MAGD.

Their previous website was built into a content management system (WordPress) that was hard to update and provided little flexibility. Making changes and updates was nearly impossible and limited. 

Because of the limitations of their current hosting and CMS, Dr. Linger decided to move to HubSpot


The final product that we delivered to William Linger, DDS, MAGD gives them an updated and innovative space that speaks exactly to who they are as a dental practice; a leader in providing high-quality dental services with an amazing team committed to excellent customer service.

  • Visits Increase - +295%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +187%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +73%
  • Conversions - +231%
survival armor

Survival Armor

Survival Armor contracted us originally to handle their SEO and after that was completed, they have decided to further increase their success by moving completely into the HubSpot COS for their website and to initiate a brand awareness marketing campaign with inbound methodology as the focal strategy.


Survival Armor wanted to shift some of its marketing and branding efforts to online and RiseFuel helped them get there.  By increasing their traffic substantially they have resulted in much greater brand recognition and leads for their rep agencies.

  • Visits Increase - +319%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +215%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +169%
  • Conversions - +96%
titan built construction

Titan Built Construction

Titan Build Construction looked to find a strategic partner to bring their website and digital presence up to date. After contacting RiseFuel, we helped them better present their services to their customers through a newly designed website.


Titan Built Construction specializes in building decks and renovating homes throughout the Greater Charlotte NC area. Titan Built Construction continually strives to improve construction practices and project management systems.

  • Visits Increase - +227%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +220%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +174%
  • Conversions - +152%
waypoint it experts

Waypoint Solutions Group

We knew that a strong brand identity instills confidence with consumers. We knew they would grow their website traffic if we could increase their brand identity and build trust. People frequent businesses they can depend on to provide a consistent service and when people know what to expect from a brand they’ll return.


When all was said and done, we delivered a website that leverages Waypoint Solutions Group as an industry leader. We continuously improved upon the site design and building upon the content strategy based on their user data to generate solid leads and customers.

  • Visits Increase - +228%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +320%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +144%
  • Conversions - +77%
MultiSite LED client

MultiSite LED

After migrating their WordPress site into HubSpot we developed a strategy featuring a strong foundation of inbound marketing strategies to take their marketing to the next level. We knew that success would require the creation of content pieces for lead generation that would require leveraging all elements of best-practice inbound marketing campaign.

  • Building Traffic – A combination of ongoing search engine optimization, blogging, and social media marketing.
  • Converting Traffic to Leads – A case studies guide,  additional case studies, and a growth driven web design strategy enhanced their success.
  • Nurturing and Qualifying Leads – A sophisticated email marketing strategy featuring persona-based work flows and lead scoring was implemented.

MultiSite LED's primary goal was clear: to engage prospective customers and increase brand awareness to their new service offering. To do this, they needed a website that would convey information quickly and run smoothly on all devices.

  • Visits Increase - +328%
  • Mobile Visits Increase - +420%
  • Engaged Visits Increase - +104%
  • Conversions - +183%
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