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What is inbound marketing and how can you make it work for your business? Inbound marketing may at first seem like a puzzling concept, but small businesses can take advantage of this inbound marketing and expand on their client base.

The way inbound marketing works, just by utilizing some key ideas, you will establish your business as a go-to trusted source of information, and in turn dominate your market share.

When asking yourself what is inbound marketing, you want to remember some key concepts.

  • Choose The Best Social Media Platforms to Engage Your Audience

  • Select a Topic of Interest to Your Potential Customer

  • Write With Your Client's Needs and Thought Process In Mind

  • Provide the Solution for Your Client to Find You Easily

  • Utilize SEO Maximization According to Google's Algorithm

  • Establish Your Credibility as the Go-To Expert Source in Your Market Niche

Keep these 6 concepts in mind, and you will be able to utilize inbound marketing campaigns to create exponential growth, establish solid credibility, and be a trusted source for new and current clients.

You want the blog posts, videos, and other material posted on social media platforms to be concise, powerful, memorable, and shareable. Inbound marketing is hard if you choose to be dry or boring.

inbound marketing examples

Content Marketing Strategies

If you create engaging content, contribute to various sources, and are easily found by clients on the web, inbound marketing made easy will be your new business superpower.

Keep your audience focused, motivated, and hanging on every word that is said about your chosen topic. Assure your reader that you have the right experience, the know-how, and the ability to solve their problems.

Do not be afraid to recommend competitors in your field, or to give non-biased advice. Seal the deal by being genuine, authoritative without being overbearing, and easy to understand in the delivery of your message.

Business is about providing value in the world, with either a good or service. When you share yourself with clients online via social media, you provide a platform for your business to be more interactive and accessible to existing and potential consumers.

If people are given the power to make comments, share your material, and get an inside perspective into the values and knowledge a company has, they are more likely to feel a part of the company's process.

Customers enjoy feeling like their values and ideas are being heard, and if they are mirrored in a company that can provide the answers they seek, you will soon enjoy higher conversion rates.

There are some significant methods to conduct inbound marketing that will be effective, likeable, and more likely to go viral.

  • Blog Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Webinars

These are just three highly effective methods of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is hard only if you do not properly use the platforms and methods available to you.

20 percent of your work will drive 80 percent of your results.


Utilizing a Blog Furthers Your Expert Credibility

A blog is a great place to engage in inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is hard at first, but a blog is a great way to break the ice and make some headway.

Blog posts that are casually written, but highly informative and memorable will greatly influence customers.

You want your blog posts to genuinely represent the look, feel, and voice of your business, in addition to being an invaluable source of information and a problem solver to those who find you online.

inbound marketing strategy examples


Making Video Posts Showcases Your Humanity

Video posts are a good source of information and a great way for inbound marketing made easy.

People browsing on the web are more likely to remember and share videos that show a real human giving valuable advice, use vibrant infographics, clever music and editing, and especially deliver expert information in a friendly way.

Needless to say, YouTube, Facebook, and your own blog are three great platforms to post videos that can go viral. Let people know about your accomplishments, what you are working on, and how you can be a service provider.

Webinars Provide Comprehensive and A Greater Sense of Accessibility

Webinars are a great help with inbound marketing, as curious customers can engage your business head-on with discussions. Webinars allow your business to demonstrate your expertise on a subject, showcase the vibe and personality of your business, and be more reachable.

Seeing readily available resources that will solve your customer's problems, will present your business as a better source to go to.

Offering webinars also allows you to collect email addresses, kick start communication to remind customers about your webinar, and suggest your additional business offerings.

Google is Your New Best Friend for Finding Customers

Google is the primary and dominant search engine for individuals seeking to learn about anything and everything.

Google will help with inbound marketing, because based on your ranking, you will see how successful you are with your marketing campaign. Inbound marketing is all about making customers find you more easily, and delivering satisfaction to persons seeking information.

Using SEO, you can construct media and material using specific keywords that will land on Google's first page, so that potential customers become website visitors and learn you are the best and ultimate go-to source.

inbound marketing strategy examples

It is vital that you specify the highest ranking keywords for the topics you are posting about. Have fun with your titles and meta-data, so that clients will know exactly what they are getting, and want to know more.

More clicks, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates can be had more readily, by proper utilization of inbound marketing.

Sources to Use for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Thankfully, if you are new to inbound marketing and looking to get your feet wet, there are some great online platforms to learn more.

Sites like and are two great sites that help you navigate using inbound marketing to net new customers.

Moz is a great site because it explains inbound marketing in plain English, plus it offers free SEO tools for you to get started.

techniques of marketing

HubSpot is a great resource because it focuses on detailing exactly what comprises content marketing. HubSpot also offers quality blogs which detail how you can use content marketing, and related tools to boost your inbound marketing strategy.

This site offers a host of various topics that anyone new or slightly seasoned to inbound marketing can utilize to their benefit.

Would you like a demo of the HubSpot Sales & Marketing software or could you use help with your content marketing efforts? Let us know here.