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Choosing the right digital lead generation strategies for your business is critical for reliable long success. 

However, companies that don’t have a lot of experience in digital marketing can quickly find themselves struggling — trying several different strategies that don’t complement each other or work together toward a common goal — and that will never provide the consistent results that you want.

At Risefuel, we work closely with our clients to develop reliable long-term strategies that make sense for them based on their current position in their market, the goals that they have for their company, and the current resources that are available.

Not all strategies are created equally for companies in every position. Some require larger budgets, more time, and more dedication to execute effectively.


30 Lead Gen Tips


The following lead generation strategies are popular options for companies looking to expand their digital presence and are a big part of what we do here at RiseFuel.


Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a key role in the inbound marketing process. The strategy produces 3x as many leads as other channels while costing 62% less.

Since inbound marketing focuses on delivering high-value content and information to your customers, it’s important that you have a well-maintained content marketing operation to keep the value flowing.

Content marketing is only going to become increasingly important over time. As internet real estate for important keywords becomes increasingly competitive, only companies with really excellent content will be able to stand out from the competition.

Companies that have invested in laying a content foundation will reap the benefits for years to come, while others will struggle to keep pace.

Content that provides real value to your target market is invaluable for creating lasting relationships and building trust with your prospects.

By explaining concepts that are inherent to success in your industry and providing genuine value to your customers, you put yourself in the position as an authority. That is invaluable in lead generation.


Social Media Marketing

By 2021, there will be more than 3 billion social media users around the globe. Social media marketing provides a way for companies to meet their customers where they already are.

Still, most companies struggle to use social media to their advantage. Every social media platform is different needs to be approached in a unique way.

Social media marketing is as much about building your reputation as it is about generating individual leads. It’s a strategy that may not provide returns right away, but sets your company up with a presence that will pay off in years to come.

Social media is a big part of any inbound marketing strategy that we put together. It gives companies their best chance to interact with their customers and prospects in a public setting.

We use it as a content distribution channel, but also consult companies on how to improve their interactions with their customers on the platforms of their choice.


lead generation ideas


Networking & Social Selling

Social sellers attract 45% more opportunities than their peers. Social selling is all about relationships, which is why it fits so well with inbound marketing strategies.

As far as lead generation and sales strategies go, having a defined social selling operation puts you in a position for long-term success simply because it allows you to consistently generate new, meaningful relationships with customers and prospects.

Being able to strike up conversations, consistently deliver value, and create business relationships is incredibly valuable.

This is especially true in a digital setting, where face-to-face interactions are less common. Social selling utilizes social media platforms to develop connections and build meaningful relationships with your prospects.

For some, the gift of gab is just something that they inherently have. Others have to work on it and build their skills.

Whether you have natural relationship building skills or if you struggle with it, it is important that you constantly work to improve your social selling abilities. It’s too powerful of a lead generation strategy to let it fall by the wayside.


lead generation ideas

Source: SuperOffice


Email Marketing

Email is the most popular method for contacting potential customers and building rapport with prospects. By 2021, there will be more than 3 billion people using email around the world. Email marketing is a big part of inbound marketing.

In most inbound marketing strategies, you use your blog posts and lead magnets to entice would-be leads to join your mailing list.

Once they have subscribed, that is when the real relationship building begins. Email marketing is all about delivering value and building those relationships over time.

We work with our clients to create a consistent stream of content that they can share with their subscribers through email.

Through weekly emails, autoresponders, and sales funnels — you can automate significant sections of your sales process and put your team in position to turn more leads into sales.


lead generation ideas



Search engine optimization is a channel that cannot be overlooked if you want long term, reliable success. SEO ensures that your company ranks for relevant search terms that are related to your product, company, or industry.

Although we have noted that it takes 6-12 months for your SEO efforts to have an effect, typically that effect is long term and reliable.

Search engine optimization is custom-baked into every service that we provide. Every new engagement includes a comprehensive audit of your current content and SEO practices. Then, we take steps to improve your SEO over time.

The reason why SEO has become one of the most coveted lead generation strategies is that the traffic is basically on auto-pilot at a certain point.

When you rank for high-volume keywords, you can have significant traffic coming into your website, generating leads and building awareness.



Although conventional wisdom would tell you that PPC marketing is inherently a channel that provides larger short-term gains than SEO and other lead generation strategies, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Plenty of companies have built their lead generation tactics around consistent and reliable influx of leads from PPC channels.

The key is to find keywords that are profitable with lower levels of competition and constantly working to optimize your ads for the highest possible returns.


Lead Generation Strategies with Consistency Require Commitment

Lead generation strategies that are able to provide reliable long-term growth require commitment. No single strategy will ever be an overnight success.

Instead, it is a combination of strategies that work in conjunction with one another that provide reliability in lead generation.

Work closely with your teams to determine what strategies make the most sense for your company based on your current resources and work to implement those strategies effectively over time.