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Content creation is only one piece of the content marketing strategy. Not only is producing consistent content important for increasing brand visibility and credibility, it’s also essential to promote your content so it actually gets in front of your target audience. Content distribution is important also.

You see, you should spend 60% of your time distributing content and 40% creating it. The more strategic you are with content promotion, the more results you’ll achieve such as increased website traffic, better lead generation, and higher engagement. It’s simply working smarter to gain the most from your marketing efforts.

In this guide, we’ll expand on this original article, 10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content (Besides Social Shares), and provide 10 extra steps of promoting your content to drive even greater success.

#1 Encourage Your Subscribers

Your email list can be big promoters of your business. They’ve opted into your list and view you as a valuable source in the industry.

Leverage this to your advantage. In addition to distributing your blog content to your subscribers, encourage them to share it with their networks.

Whether through a simple email forward or using tools such as ClicktoTweet that allows them to quickly tweet it from their email inbox, giving this simple call-to-action can help get your content more in front of the right audience.


#2 Syndicate on Content Sites

Have you ever read a killer blog article…only to notice that same post shared on a different site? That’s because of content syndication where you can easily share your post on other content sites.

Popular ones include Zemanta, Outbrain, and Business2Community. This is an awesome way to bolster your SEO backlinks strategy by including your links on a high-domain authority website.

#3 Answer Question on Quora

Using Quora in your inbound marketing strategy is an excellent way to showcase your expertise and offer value to an engaging audience. With 190 million monthly users, Quora serves as the perfect outlet to promote your content.

Simply find a question that relates to your blog content. Leave a thoughtful response then end by posting the original blog link where people can get further insight.

#4 Publish on Medium

Did you know only 8% of marketers plan to add Medium to their content strategy yet there are over 60 million unique monthly visitors ready to indulge in quality-rich content?

This blogging platform is a great way to increase awareness, generate engagement, and attract new followers to your brand.

You can easily begin distributing your content here by going through a quick account set up and start publishing.

#5 Post on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn performs well for B2B brands seeking to engage potential clients and professionals on this network. If your business appeals to this audience, establishing a presence on LinkedIn is crucial.

The good news is, posting your blog article on Pulse enriches this goal while leveraging a high-authority website.

Also, LinkedIn sends relevant content to their user's inboxes, helping to bring more exposure and awareness for your brand.

#6 Optimize Your Content for SEO

This is a must. Using SEO tactics propels you forward in local search and organic listings. Although the algorithms are constantly changing, there are still time-tested techniques that help improve your ranking.

Be sure to focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords that your audience is actively using in Google and Bing.

Mention the primary keyword in your title, meta description and naturally throughout your post so it flows well.

Finally, keep mobile visitors in mind by breaking up your paragraphs so your text doesn’t prove too overwhelming to read.

seo-works (1)

#7  Repurpose Content Into an infographic

Infographics do extremely well on social media, being liked and shared 3 times more than any other content type. 

They’re also excellent for syndicating on content sites when embedded in a blog post. You’ll find that this illustrative, data-driven content piece is multifaceted in enhancing your overall content marketing strategy.

Use this to your benefit by repurposing your blog post into an infographic. Use tools like Canva or Infogram to design your own. Don’t forget to add your brand logo for increased visibility.

#8 Go Live on Social Media

Stores and Facebook Live, for example, are driving massive engagement on social media…so much that Facebook favors live video on news-feeds.

Therefore, brands have a huge opportunity to expand their organic reach and engage their ideal customers.  Going live on social also helps humanize your company, making you authentic and relatable.

Promote your newly released blog post using live-streaming video. Keep it short, about 5-7 minutes, just enough to mention the benefits, interact with your viewers and give the call-to-action (to click on the link in your comments or bio profile page to access the post).

#9 Convert into a Slideshow

Consider converting your content into a slideshow visual to provide an alternate way for people to consume your post.

Slideshows are interactive content pieces, meaning it deeply engages your viewer as they click and scroll through each slide. It offers a better chance to educate and provide value.

They can also be posted on sites like SlideShare and LinkedIn to give you more chances to distribute your content.

Finally, if you decide to use webinars in your content marketing, you’ll already have slides available for your presentation. It’s a win-win!


#10 Design Images Using Key Pointers

Simply put, visuals increases engagement. Stats and facts illustrate adding visuals to your social media posts, blog content, and email creates better responses opposed to not having images.

Ramping up your visuals will enhance your strategy, making your content attractive and captivating.

So, use Canva to design images that highlight major key pointers in your blog post. Similar to quote images, text images shares a valuable lesson from your content that resonates with your audience. You can create as many of these for your social, blogging or email strategy.


Content marketing consists of creating valuable content, then marketing that content. It’s important to get your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible to advance your inbound marketing goals. Use this checklist to promote each of your blog articles for optimal results.

With consistency, you’ll experience a surge in new and repeat website visitors, increased visibility in search, better engagement, and more quality leads coming into your sales funnel.

Focus on content distribution in as many places as you can to target your ideal customers in your marketing strategy.

Ready to leverage inbound marketing tactics that attract your ideal customer and gives you greater brand exposure? Reach out to us here and let’s chat! We’re equipped to help you attain real results from your online efforts.