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Risefuel will help you get found online, convert traffic into leads and nurture the right ones into becoming your customers.

When You Need to Get Found Online-Inbound Marketing

Potential customers are searching online for solutions to their problems, for services, and for products. If your business can help, your website should appear in their search results. Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising can ensure you’re found online.
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Search Engine Optimization

Depending on your goals, whether you’re targeting a local or national audience, and if you’re looking for sales-ready buyers or leads who’ve just begun searching, different SEO strategies will best deliver what you need.

Local SEO is perfect for businesses who want to attract customers in the local area — restaurants, shops, healthcare providers, etc.

It’s a quick way to get leads flowing because today’s technology offers a variety of tools that will get your business showing up in search results.

National SEO is a long game, but once you’re ranking at a national level, you’ll have a reliable, steady supply of leads.

You can also use SEO to attract prospects who are not quite yet ready to buy, who are still exploring their options.

If you can capture these prospects early on and nurture them through the buying journey, you’ll have access to many additional leads you may have otherwise missed.


Pay-Per-Click advertising, like AdWords and social media ads, is an ideal way to get customers in the door immediately.

Once you’ve launched your campaign, prospects will immediately start seeing your ads. PPC is usually cost-effective because you're only paying for clicks to your website or landing page 

PPC is usually cost-effective because you’re only paying for clicks to your website or landing page — you don’t have to pay for views.

Many companies continue using PPC even after their long-term SEO and inbound marketing strategies begin working because they’re able to reach a highly-targeted segment of sales-ready buyers.

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Why Local Search Matters

With our local SEO plans, you can ensure your company or business will show up in the mapping results. The last time you conducted a search that included a specific location, you probably noticed that Google and other search engines now include a map that pinpoints the exact location of relevant businesses.

This is important tool because makes it easier for your customers to find you, and allows them to compare your location to your competitors. Local search optimization is just another way we can improve your SEO efforts and make sure that your PPC advertising is designed to hone in on your specific audience. Blogging and content marketing leads customers to your site if written well and is good content with proper SEO strategy implemented. 

As your business climbs up the search engine rankings by attracting organic traffic, you can be simultaneously running strategic and highly effective PPC campaigns. To learn more about how RiseFuel can help you build your business through PPC advertising and inbound marketing, contact us today. Give us a call at 704-246-4521 and we can get started on your next ad campaign.

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Marketing inbound and marketing technology sofware help you with marketing content creation as well as social content and is focused on creating quality marketing leads with direct customer marketing offers designed for different stages in the buyers journey. Marketing business advantages and solutions for your ideal customers is a key component in attacting the right type of customers for your business growth.

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