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If you operate a business and utilize the Internet, you should be concerned with SEO.  There are many things you can do to optimize your rank in the search engines and give your website more online visibility, and it’s usually best to hire a professional service like RiseFuel.

However, maybe you are a do it yourself kind of business person or would like to see what kind of job you can do, running your own marketing and advertising. 

Here are 5 simple ways to improve your SEO and just about anyone can do these things.

Use HTML More Effectively

If you have no working knowledge of HTML, you should take the time to study it or find someone who understands it. Hyper text markup language is the language of websites and this is how your website communicates with the search engines.

Improve Your Descriptive Terms

Go to your HTML code and make sure your descriptive terms accurately describe your business.  This is very important because many search engines categorize websites by their descriptive terms.

Add More Keywords

How many keywords or keyword phrases do you use? If you are like most businesses, you could always us more. To have effective SEO you need as many good keywords as you can think of.  

Think in term of LSI keywords. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing and it basically means words with a similar meaning to your main keywords.

Can’t think of any more keywords?  Go to a competitor’s website and look at the code. You can do this by right clicking on the home page and viewing the page source.  This can be a gold mine of keyword information.

What Is Latent Semantic Indexing?  Click picture to read a great article from Search Engine Journal.

seo traffic


Lean Up Your Web Pages

Do you like fancy images and graphics? They may look beautiful but they can slow down the time it takes your pages to load. Go with simple backgrounds and take it easy on the images. 

Also, if you use background music, it will increase the load time on your pages and may actually annoy some visitors.  It’s a proven fact, if a visitor has to wait very long for your pages to load, he or she will go somewhere else.

Join Social Media

When you want to improve your SEO join social media. If you belong to one or two social networks, it’s time to join some more. Social media is the wave of the future for online marketing and if you fail to take advantage of it, your competitors will pass you by. 

improve seo

However, social media marketing can be complex, and to get the most of your online marketing and promotions, consider a professional service like RiseFuel.

Click to learn more about seo packages, and seo tricks. Be careful of companies that provide packages that are not customized to your business.