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Whether you're an established business owner or just getting started, the benefits of Internet marketing are countless and hard to ignore.

 Still, many businesses out there aren't open to the potential that SEO services and social media marketing can really do. So for all of the naysayers and nonbelievers, here are five SEO statistics that you can't possibly ignore.

93% of All Online Experiences Begin With a Search Engine

That's right. And not only that, but there are over 100 billion searches being conducted every month. SEO companies take those numbers and use quality content and keyword integration to help your business' website rank higher on the list of search engine results.

87% of Consumers Report Content Has an Effect on Purchases

Customers don't want to partake in the services of a company that they can't relate to. No matter the product or service you're offering, good content is key to building lasting relationships with your content, and an SEO company can help you cultivate the perfect content for your business.

62% of Companies that Designed Mobile Sites Reported Increased Sales

The world is stepping away from wall outlets and going mobile, which means your business should, too. More people use mobile devices to get online than computers, and creating a web design specifically for mobile users is guaranteed to boost your marketing strategy.

Social Media Sites Account for 23% of Time Spent Online

If you're not asking SEO companies about social media marketing, you need to start. This is an integral part of the Internet marketing strategy, and because so many people already have social media accounts, it's a great way to boost exposure.

Nearly 80% of Users Ignore Paid Ads

Paid ads are a thing of the past. In their place, SEO has taken over, and for the better. With quality, interesting content, your site will draw in more organic traffic than ever.

SEO isn't as big and vague as many people may think at first glance. In reality, it's an extremely helpful tool that brings out the best in your company, and after all, numbers don't lie. For Charlotte SEO results you can always rely on RiseFuel for expert assistance. 

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