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Exciting New Tools for SEO in 2017.


Posted by Tony Shannon - 09 December, 2016

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A solid search engine optimization strategy is vital for the success of any business, regardless of its size or industry. In this constantly changing area of marketing, keeping up with algorithm changes and new ranking factors should be a high priority for business owners and marketers. 

The new tools listed below will help you stay on top of SEO trends to drive traffic to your website and your organization. 

Accelerated Mobile Pages

While not brand new, accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) are gaining a huge amount of traction when it comes to ranking first in Google. These simplified versions of web pages load much more quickly, making them friendlier to mobile traffic. While AMPs aren’t yet a ranking factor, they do prevent visitor bounce due to long load times, which is an important SEO factor.

 Message With Allos (Google)

This SEO-connected tool is so new that it’s still in the testing phase, but Google has recently invited select businesses to test the messaging feature. The feature will allow those searching on Google to message businesses right from the search results page. Based on the Help file, the service will allow businesses to use either SMS or Google Allo to respond to customer messages and will display typical response time — meaning businesses will want to ensure that they can respond quickly.

 Native Search Ads (Bing)

Google competitor Bing has announced the rollout of Native Search Ads for 2017 after testing the program this year with a few advertisers. Bing’s native ad platform will provide new opportunities both for the search engine’s syndication partners to display Bing ads and for advertisers to reach potential customers.

 Keyword Explorer (Moz)

Launched just this year, Moz’s Keyword Explorer provides detailed keyword data in seven metrics: volume, difficulty, opportunity, potential, keyword suggestions, SERP analysis and mentions. The Keyword Explorer features both free and paid options, allowing marketers at all levels to take their keyword SEO planning to the next stage.

 New Google AdWords Reports (Google)
Two new AdWords reports recently announced by Google show the search giant’s increasing focus on local businesses. Of interest to brick-and-mortar stores, AdWords’ Distance Reporting and Store Visits Performance will help business owners and marketers make the most of geographically targeted ads.
For more help on growing your business with the right SEO tools and strategies, contact us and let us know how we can help you.

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