we love marketing automation alot

How important is automation in the world of marketing, really?  Consider this, one study reported that "...80% of businesses that have used automation have also enjoyed increased leads... 77% of the same businesses also saw an increase in conversions."  Certainly, there is a reason for that, right?

Still unsure? Were you aware that, "79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation..." according to another report from Gleanster.  This is the result of automation being used effectively in your marketing strategies.

For those left with a "doubting Thomas" complex, we haven't even discussed the most important and powerful reasoning for using automated marketing strategies. 

"We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation. - Mark Cuban 

That's a big statement. It also happens to be true.  It won't be long before companies become automated or become extinct.  That includes automating their marketing efforts.  Automation can serve a role in every part of your customer journey and throughout each section of the sales funnel.   That leaves one question, how to use marketing automation to improve your business.

Automate at Every Corner

Imagine the scenario you are sitting at home, relaxing in your favorite chair, having just finished a great meal. The phone rings, and on the other end is a telemarketer.  Immediately after accepting the call and greeting the person on the other end with a hello, that faceless voice asks you to buy this service or that subscription on sale now for... .  No greeting, no introduction - just an instant pitch.  How did that make you feel?  Right.

How often have you been contacted by a robot, that automated voice or recording with no brain or concept of timing?  This is automation gone bad!

marketing automation

This scenario does nothing different when applied to your automation efforts. Smart automation isn't optional regardless of how the potential customer arrives at your door and whatever metric is used to trigger your automated marketing process. 

Designing and planning your automated content to respond to inquiries, visits and other triggers mean never missing an opportunity to greet a potential customer. It doesn't mean sending out unprompted and unwelcome emails and greeting messages.  Properly planning your automated system will result in effective and improved correspondence.

The Automated Invitation

Once an introduction is made (think website or social media post here), there is an invitation that follows. Notice this isn't an introduction straight into a pitch and "check out our stuff" jump.  

This is lead nurturing, developing relationships and leading the customer through the sales funnel and using automation to make the journey better. 

marketing automation

Automate to Connect and Influence

After the customer accepts your invitation, it is time to put automation to work.  There is arguably no more vital point in the sales funnel or in your customer relationship than now.  The right content delivered right at the right time will connect with your audience.  

With that connection comes a familiarity, if not trust and then an opportunity to influence.  Your customer information and history will help you to determine some of the how and when of your marketing automation schematic.

Conversion and Beyond

The power of automation equates to never forgetting to keep customers updated, maintaining a line of consistent communication and engagement while enabling more productivity. The power of using an automated marketing strategy to better manage and control your customer base is invaluable.  

The time your team will have to focus on strategy, conversion and building customer relationships will increase and so will your company's ROI.

Integrating automation with your marketing plan increases productivity, improves data accuracy, and results in a smarter marketing and sales strategy. 


Look Smart, Caring and Committed

A well-designed automated marketing plan will also go well beyond that final sale.  Great content and well-timed correspondence play a considerable role in the customer experience. Long-term customers don't happen, they are made. 

"...people will never forget how you made them feel." 

- Maya Angelou

Never forgetting to send that message that says thank you for your business or happy birthday will always leave the impression of thoughtfulness.  Not having to retype the same correspondence reminding your one thousand customers about the new product line means fewer errors.  

That makes you look smart. While those reminder messages that say, "Hey, haven't seen you for a while," delivers a sense of commitment and appreciation.

This is part of your company image and conveys a type of personal investment.  In turn, this will impact how your customers see your business and how they feel about you.

That is what will bring them back, again and again.  This is the productiveness of automation and its power in your marketing strategy.  If people like your service or your product, that's good. If they like you - that is a difference-maker.

Too Much

It is evident that automation has found its place and that it is changing the landscape of businesses in every industry, "and yet 85 percent of B2B marketers using MA platforms feel that they are not using them to their full potential... ."

That's too much wasted time, resources and productivity left on the table. Contact us if you realize your need for marketing automation or simply want to improve your marketing efforts.  Marketing is how we grow our customer base, generate revenue and make our business stronger.  Automation is how we make our business smarter, more efficient and better.

Once you understand why we love marketing automation, you will too.