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How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

Marketing automation takes the headaches and the hassle out of the administrative tasks of marketing, while giving you the tech tools you need to develop stronger customer relationships and deliver a personalized customer experience at scale.

Marketing Team Benefits

Marketers can use its purpose-built tools to drive pipeline by sourcing the hottest leads and creating customized campaigns that expertly target your ideal buyer, and move them through the sales cycle to maximize the ROI of marketing programs.

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Sales Team Benefits

For Sales, marketing automation is the bridge and connector that aligns marketing and sales, giving them access to content they can send to leads with the click of a button.

Sales will know which leads to follow up with first and spend time doing what matters: closing deals.

Marketing Automation Helps You...Get a complete 360 degree view of prospect activity by linking data from your CRM to campaigns automatically.

  • Easily identify and prioritize the hottest leads
  • Nurture cooler leads until they're sales-ready so that you never miss an opportunity
  • Target buyers at every stage of the buying cycle
  • Fill your pipeline with quality leads to directly impact revenue
  • Deliver a personalized customer experience
  • Make data-driven decisions and identify new opportunities for growth

With a marketing automation platform like HubSpot,  your sales and marketing teams can work together to create a seamless experience for your buyers.

Give your sales team access to marketing approved resources and deliver on-brand content and messaging to your buyers at every stage in the sales cycle. Modernize your marketing and sales approach with automation and effective marketing strategies.

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Generate leads, close deals, and manage your pipeline on auto-pilot with HubSpot & RiseFuel

Marketing automation refers to software that handles automating marketing actions such as emails, social media, and other website tasks. Marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Inbound Marketing

It’s a simple process - attract, convert, close, and delight customers. But are you even fishing in the right lake? And are you using the right bait?

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Marketing Automation

We are experts in the HubSpot marketing automation platform, and will help you make sure you’re getting it right - every time.

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Sales Strategy

We will put together a strategy to guide every aspect of the sales & marketing execution work.  Efficient sales processes result in more closed deals.

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Lead Generation

RiseFuel specializes in implementing your whole 'Marketing Stack'. Including all the parts of the technology that you need.

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Content Marketing

Your potential clients are hungry for information….they’re out there, asking questions and looking for answers. 

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Digital Growth Tactics

Once a marketing strategy is in place the next thing to do is to start implementing it, testing it and measuring it's results.

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RiseFuel is the fuel that powers Survival Armor's marketing programs. In one recent marketing campaign, we achieved a 12-fold ROI on the original campaign investment. They give our business unprecedented marketing agility."

Kurt Osborne, President of Survival Armor



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