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Social media boasts over 2 billion active users that are liking, commenting, and sharing content on a regular basis.

More of today’s consumers are preferring social media as a form of communication with their favorite brands to remain connected, be informed, and address customer concern issues. (Source: Business2Community)

With a surging increase of users doing more business on social media, it’s essential that your brand establishes a strong presence that positions you as an expert within your niche and attracts quality customers to your funnel.

You’ll boost awareness, grow your leads, and ultimately increase sales by improving your social media marketing.


Here are four ways to bettering your social media tactics.

 #1 Have a Clear Goal in Mind

The first step to a solid strategy is having a clear goal of what you aim to achieve on social media. Are you seeking to bring more exposure to your brand? Generate leads?

Or perhaps grow your followers? Whatever your objective, it’s important that you know early prior to marketing so that your efforts align in making this goal a reality.

Additionally, clarity on your target market positions you to publish content that relates to their interests. Your followers will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them and will desire to remain connected to your page.

The best way to knowing your market is by developing buyer personas, where you’re painting a picture of who your ideal customer is and how you can attract them to your content.


#2 Post Engaging Content

You see, sharing content that inspires, educates, and solves the problems of your market is at the heart of the inbound marketing way.

Giving valuable information draws quality prospects to your brand and solidifies your credibility. When you understand your ideal customer's pains and challenges, you can create content that offers solutions.


social media strategy


Your digital marketing should reflect the same. It’s another channel to showcase your expertise and offer value to your followers.

Posting engaging content keeps people coming back to your page and helps to build genuine relationships.


Check out these winning tips to publishing remarkable content:

  • Images are becoming the currency of marketing on social media. Ramp up your strategy by using visuals to highlight office shenanigans, promote your blog articles, and post live events.

  • Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

  • Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content. They perform extremely well on Pinterest and can be embedded in a blog post to share on social media.

  • Interactive content is becoming the future of content marketing. Videos, calculators, surveys and polls are great tools to keep your content interesting while engaging your audience.

  • Get your followers opinions by asking what they would like to see more of


#3 Use Live-Streaming Videos

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching live videos versus those that have already been recorded (Source: Social Media Today)?  

Tools like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and Periscope are creating massive engagement from respective social media audiences…and marketers are taking full advantage. 

Live-streaming videos quickly capture attention, engage followers into your message, and moves viewers to action.

If you want to significantly boost engagement and draw new people to your brand, begin utilizing these apps to share your content.

Take followers behind the scenes at the office or a company event. Expand on a popular blog post that fosters responses from viewers.

Host live Q&A sessions to give prospects a chance to ask questions and get answers fast. Doing so further humanizes your brand, making you more relatable and building the know, like and trust factor.


#4 Create Landing Pages Especially for Your Social Followers

Landing pages play a huge role in growing your email list, a big component of inbound marketing.

Having these pages that target your social media followers greatly increases conversion rates because it specifically relates to a content offer or message that you’re shared on your social post and it appeals to that exact audience.

The more compelling landing pages you have that resonate with your social followers, the more opportunities have to capture leads and building your list.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating your landing pages:

  • Use keyword phrases that your audience is searching for

  • Improve SEO and website experience with images and videos that relate to the content

  • Its headline and your social media post (or social ad) should be congruent

  • Make them super actionable with content that goes deep into solving a problem

  • Keep it focused by detailing one content offer. Sell and demonstrate the benefits they’ll receive in return for opting into your list

  • Add a compelling CTA that tells readers what to do next

Continually test variations of your landing page to perfect conversion results.


landing page example for social media strategy


Final Key Pointers

A concluding tip worthy of mentioning is using an editorial calendar to help you plan and schedule your social media content.

By mapping out your post in advance, you’ll ensure that you maintain a steady, consistent presence on all your social sites which is essential for boosting engagement.

Use tools like Google Calendar or CoSchedule that can help align your social content with your ultimate business goals.

Improving your digital strategy is a killer move to bolstering your overall inbound marketing strategy. Commit to implementing these techniques and see what works best with your audience.

Keep what’s working and tweak what isn’t. With consistency, you’ll have a winning strategy that’s getting you in front of your desired audience and producing real results.

Much success.


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