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Looking For A Blueprint For Business Growth? You Are In The Right Place

Remember the most important success factor revenue growth is getting the foundations right! This starts with a strategy.

A Growth Driven Gameplan is your step by step plan to ensuring you maximize results from your Inbound Marketing investment. We give our clients the ability to grow smarter and faster by outthinking, not outspending, the competition.

The GamePlan follows a standard marketing-strategy methodology but concentrates on shifting budgets and resources to more effective and measurable inbound marketing strategies. The online social world and inbound marketing have leveled the playing field. Underdogs and innovators now have the power to grow faster and smarter than their competitors. They have the ability to control their destiny.

We are working with our clients on a minimum of 6 to 12 month campaigns at a time. As part of these engagements we always build a strategy and game plan so we have a blueprint to work off for the next 12 months. 

Don't be afraid to completely evolve what you have spent years building. Listen to the markets, adapt to demand and move where others aren't willing or able to go.  This strategy plan is everything your company needs - the tools, strategies, content ideas to launch an optimized Inbound Marketing campaign.


Consultation & Discovery Session Required

Before you make any commitment, we begin with a 30-minute Marketing Consultation to make sure we’re a fit. We follow with a 90-minute Discovery Session focused on gaining an understanding of your current marketing and sales situation, competitive landscape and customer.

Next, we conduct a Mini Audit with analytics software and by conducting competitive research. We present our findings, recommendations and range of costs in our Solution Review Meeting.  During the Mini Audit, we gain a basic understanding of your current Marketing and Sales strategy. Now, in the Comprehensive Audit, we dive deeper.

We use tools that show us how visitors are using your site to gain an understanding of behavior. We conduct extensive keyword research to identify traffic growth opportunities.

Finally, we present our Growth Driven GamePlan – an actionable roadmap for the next 6 to 12 months that capitalizes on your biggest opportunities to generate traffic, leads and sales.  If we’ve made a believer out of you and you’re ready to partner with RiseFuel to grow your business online, we execute the plan we’ve designed.

The cost of your Industrial Growth Solution will depend on a combination of budget, results desired and the difficulty of achieving those results in your particular marketplace.


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The 4 Growth Driven Gameplan Phases

self assessment

Phase 1: In-Depth Self Assessment

We work with your team to do a deep dive into your business and where you are today.

Areas covered include historical & current performance, key performance metrics, pipeline performance, lead quality review and in-depth competitive and industry analysis.

Phase 2: Buyer Persona Development

In this phase, we apply a laser focus on your customers and ideal customers to build detailed buyer personas for your marketing and sales teams.

Our output here is a number of detailed customer/buyer personas that represent the profile of your perfect customers to allow us to develop our content strategy to target these prospects online.

buyer personas
build the engine

Phase 3: Build The Engine

This phase of the Inbound Marketing Action Plan is centered on creating buyer journey focused marketing automation sequences, email communications, and content to cover all parts of the awareness, consideration and decision stages of the inbound marketing buyers journey process.

Phase 4: Inbound Marketing Campaigns

The final stage of your Inbound Marketing action plan is focused on creating persona focused inbound campaigns. The ultimate goal of which is to transform your website into a destination hub for your target buyer personas.

We develop a specific content plan outlining email marketing, blogging, premium content and social media engagement strategy that is designed to accelerate your lead generation result.

inbound marketing campaigns


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