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RiseFuel was born out of fire. Our founder, Tony Shannon, was a serial entrepreneur who launched, grew, and sold companies. His businesses won three Inc. 5000 awards and four Charlotte Business Journal Fast 50 awards. But when technology began shifting the way people buy (and as a result, the way companies market and sell), Tony realized the way he used to market wasn’t getting the same results. He set out in search of alternatives.

After trying unsuccessfully to get a reasonable ROI from a few SEO companies and inbound agencies he’d hired, Tony decided to figure out digital technology and the new methods of marketing and sales for himself. What he learned fueled the growth of his IT services company, which he sold with a strong customer base and a marketing system in place that regularly generates high-quality leads.

What Works Today and What Will Work Tomorrow

Tony has continued to stay on top of trends and developments in the world of marketing and sales. He’s developed an evolving technology stack and methodology that takes advantage of what works today and what will work tomorrow.

RiseFuel isn’t just another marketing technology company. We understand that business owners and leadership teams need real results, not just creative marketing campaigns.

We’re Accountable for Results

We don’t shy away from setting clear goals for performance and holding ourselves accountable for delivering results. You won’t ever have to wonder whether our strategies are working or hope that you’re getting a valuable return on your investment. We offer clear reporting and communication so that you can see exactly how our strategies are working.

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Tony is the mastermind behind each client’s strategic plan. Based on his experience as a business owner and the expertise he’s developed, he makes custom recommendations based on each client’s position in the marketplace and target audience. Tony is energized by success, pushing him toward excellence in everything he does. Clients enthusiastically recommend Tony to their colleagues because they know they can count on him.

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