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Tony Shannon

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With 2016 seeing $68.3 billion in venture capital funding for U.S. based startups, many new businesses (and products) will soon take off. 

This is all thanks to the full scale operation going on behind the scenes of today's digital revolution.

Now there are better ways to advertise. Content and context marketing can do wonders for a new brand. The inbound marketing techniques are back with a twist, but even a beginner can join and compete.

The biggest thing is the many differences in B2B and B2C buying behaviors. It is possible for a newcomer to become a real contender - in any industry. That said, it's up to you to use the even playing field to your advantage.

What This Means for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur with the next million-dollar idea, many investors and companies are now willing to fund you. With the right investment platforms in place, there are a select few places most funders visit.
 At the same time, a lot of the networking gets done through LinkedIn, as it dominates its respective market. 

Putting Attention on Your New Idea

The hardest part is always getting noticed, but that's no longer difficult. You can broadcast your newly made product on Product Hunt, register in CrunchBase, and network through LinkedIn to build attention.
With a little extra legwork, you can generate some real interest behind your business plan. In addition, influencer marketing efforts can do wonders. If you aren't experienced with digital marketing, you might want to learn more before going the full mile.
If you do work with influencers, this can also be a great way to network. Influencers are people with industry-relevant experience, and they work with some of the biggest companies and investors in your industry.
Writing and eBook to draw attention to your business and help your prospective customers with a problem or issue is a hugely successful way to spread awareness on your company. See our free eBook below.

Don't Give Up

It's a lot better being an entrepreneur now than it was 10 years ago; there are now countless industries in their early days. Some examples include 3D printing, augmented reality, and virtual currencies.
If you're trying to take off early in, the reward will far outweigh the risk. You have the chance of becoming the next mega-corporation if things go right. For example, you might start by inventing a way to program remote control vehicles in DIY build kits. This can flourish into an entire corporation behind building such kits and related products.
If you do wish to take the easy route - read our post about inbound marketing and how it helps. Next get in touch with one of our inbound marketing Charlotte NC based gurus to get your business generating leads like never before!

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